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Are you a digital agency or startup looking for the perfect leads, but finding it tough to navigate through the dense forest of data? Welcome to the world of Webtastic! ๐ŸŽ‰

What is Webtastic.ai? Webtastic.ai is an AI-powered lead generation platform that scans purchase intent signals ๐Ÿ”, providing users with a unique dataset of high-quality leads. It offers detailed company information, web technology usage, advertising technology usage filters, and lets you filter leads based on social media metrics. This comprehensive approach ensures that you spend less time on research and more time connecting with your ideal clients.

Our opinion about Webtastic: We find Webtastic to be a highly intuitive and efficient tool. Its ability to minimize prospecting time and maximize deal-closing time, makes it a valuable asset for any digital agency or startup. The platform’s smart filters help refine the search for high-quality leads, making the process of finding potential clients much smoother. ๐Ÿ‘Œ It’s like having a compass in the wilderness of lead generation data, directing you straight to your ideal client. Discover the power of Webtastic! ๐Ÿš€


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Webtastic revolutionizes lead generation by leveraging AI, turning intent signals into high-quality leads for your business growth.


Discover high-quality leads with precision using advanced AI-powered technology
Minimize prospecting time and maximize deal-closing with seamless CRM integration
Refine your search for potential clients with smart filters based on purchase intent signals
Gain a competitive edge with access to detailed company information, web technology usage, and social media metrics
Accelerate business growth with a platform designed to drive ROI and scale your outreach efforts

Webtastic.ai is an advanced lead generation platform designed to help startups and digital agencies find, capture, and convert high-quality leads. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Webtastic scans purchase intent signals across the web, providing users with an up-to-date and distinctive dataset of potential clients. This data includes accurate contact details, detailed company information, website technologies used, social media metrics, and more. With a seamless integration with CRM systems, Webtastic simplifies lead management and maximizes deal-closing time.

Webtastic’s smart filters allow users to refine their search based on buying signals, ensuring they connect with leads that align perfectly with their business growth strategy. The platform offers competitive pricing, making this powerful tool accessible to businesses of all sizes. With its ability to minimize prospecting time, Webtastic allows businesses to focus on delivering quality services, driving ROI, and accelerating growth.

Webtastic.ai is a perfect match for startups looking to gain traction in a competitive market. A new software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, for example, could use Webtastic to identify companies that recently raised funding and are likely to invest in new technology. The SaaS startup can then tailor their outreach efforts to these high-potential leads, showcasing how their product can help these companies scale faster.

Digital marketing agencies can also greatly benefit from Webtastic. They could use the platform to discover companies that heavily use advertising technologies. By understanding a potential client’s current ad tech stack, an agency can position itself as a partner who can fill gaps and bring new strategies to their advertising efforts.

Lastly, sales teams at tech companies can leverage Webtastic to understand their prospects better. By analyzing a potential client’s website technologies, a sales rep can personalize their pitch, demonstrating an understanding of the prospect’s needs and how their solution can enhance their current setup. This level of personalization can significantly increase conversion rates, helping sales teams meet and exceed their targets.

Webtastic Features

Unparalleled Stream of Leads

Fulfill your business’s demands for growth with Webtastic.ai’s unparalleled stream of high-intent leads. This feature provides a continuous flow of potential clients, offering an edge in today’s competitive market. It can help you reach prospects before your competitors do, giving you a crucial head start.

Webtastic.ai’s lead stream is not only robust but also relevant. It focuses on the quality of leads, ensuring that you spend less time filtering out irrelevant contacts and more time connecting with potential customers. This feature can significantly enhance your business’s client acquisition and retention strategies.

Smart Filters for Targeted Searches

Discover the power of precision with Webtastic.ai’s smart filters. These filters allow you to refine your search based on various criteria, such as industry, location, and company size. This way, you can zero in on the leads that align best with your business’s growth strategy.

With these filters, you can avoid the common pitfall of casting too wide a net in lead generation. Instead, you can focus on a specific group of potential customers, increasing your chances of conversion. In essence, Webtastic.ai’s smart filters empower you to make strategic, data-driven decisions in your lead generation efforts.

Detailed Company Information

Get to know your leads better with Webtastic.ai’s feature of detailed company information. This feature offers insights into a company’s industry, specialties, location, employee headcount, and funding rounds.

Having access to such comprehensive data can help you understand your leads better. You can tailor your marketing strategies and sales pitches according to their specific needs and preferences, leading to more effective client acquisition and retention efforts.

Web Technology Used

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the web technologies used by your leads. Webtastic.ai provides information about a company’s CMS usage, landing page tools, web frameworks, CRM used, and hosting/infrastructure.

This feature is particularly useful for businesses that offer web development or digital marketing services. By understanding what technologies your leads are currently using, you can offer them solutions that complement their existing tech stack, increasing your chances of winning their business.

Advertising Tech Used

Unlock the potential of targeted marketing with Webtastic.ai’s feature on advertising technologies used by your leads. This feature provides information about tracking pixels, fraud detection tools, serving ad tags, conversion tracking, and attribution.

With this data, you can understand your leads’ advertising strategies better. You can offer them solutions that align with their current advertising technologies, making your propositions more relevant and compelling.

Social Profiles

Tap into the power of social media with Webtastic.ai’s feature on social profiles. This feature provides information about your leads’ social media metrics, including their Facebook profile and likes, Instagram profile and followers, Twitter profile and followers, Youtube channel and subscribers, Pinterest profile and followers, and LinkedIn company page.

By understanding your leads’ social media presence, you can gauge their online influence and engagement levels. This can help you tailor your marketing strategies to their specific social media behaviors, leading to more effective client acquisition efforts.

Access to Contact Details

Reach out to your leads directly with Webtastic.ai’s feature of providing access to contact details. This feature ensures that once you’ve identified a potential client, you can take immediate action to establish a connection.

Having direct access to your leads’ contact details simplifies the process of lead engagement. It eliminates the need for additional research or third-party intervention, enabling you to initiate conversations with your leads promptly and efficiently.

Increase in ROI and More Conversion

Experience a significant boost in your return on investment (ROI) and conversion rates with Webtastic.ai. This platform not only helps you discover high-quality leads but also equips you with the tools and data needed to convert these leads into customers effectively.

With Webtastic.ai, you can expect to see tangible improvements in your business performance metrics. This feature underscores the platform’s commitment to delivering value to its users and helping them achieve their business growth objectives.

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Features included
Unlimited access to all leads 90+ data points per company
Social media profiles
Export all leads (CSV)
Access to all targeting criteria
Website screenshots
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Find the right leads, faster, to grow your Business
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