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35 Best Lead Generation Software in 2024

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Simplify SMB sales research with AI
Software Categories: Lead Generation, List Building, Sales Enablement
Openmart is an AI-powered sales research tool designed to help you find highly targeted local business leads effortlessly. It automates the process of discovering and qualifying leads across multiple industries, including medical, retail, recreation, distributors & brokers, marketplaces, and more. With Openmart, you can quickly build your own filters, define industry-specific criteria, and let AI do the research for you, providing a list of highly compatible business leads and contacts. This solution saves your sales...
meetz ai
Your personal AI sales lead generator to book more meetings
Software Categories: AI Assistant, Appointment Booking, Appointment Scheduling, Lead Generation
Meetz AI is an AI sales lead generator that takes on full-fledged conversations to book meetings with your coworkers, clients, and prospects. It’s designed to reduce your workload by providing a cutting-edge AI assistant that can handle hundreds of different scheduling situations. Meetz AI offers personalized and automated outreach, along with an AI scheduler to book meetings for you, making it easy, fast, and powerful. The platform is built to help you manage every angle...
Create engaging quizzes to grow your business
Software Categories: Lead Generation, Quiz, Quiz Generator
Interact is an intuitive quiz builder that allows you to create engaging quizzes to grow your email list, segment your leads, and recommend products to increase sales. With direct integrations and over 30 native integrations, you can seamlessly promote your quiz all over your website and gain valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and behaviors. The platform provides survey-style analytics, allowing you to optimize your quiz and your business based on how your leads answer...
Create beautiful, customized forms effortlessly with RapidForms
Software Categories: Form Builder, Lead Generation
RapidForms is an intuitive online form builder that allows you to effortlessly create, embed, and customize forms to match your website style without the need for coding skills. It solves the challenge of building forms that align with your website design in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. With RapidForms, you can access ready-to-use templates, integrate with Google Sheets, and embed forms seamlessly on websites and landing pages. Your privacy is prioritized, as RapidForms neither stores...
Revolutionize lead generation and outreach with AI-powered precision
Software Categories: Cold Email, Cold Outreach, Data Enrichment, Lead Generation
Upreach is an AI lead generation and outreach platform that revolutionizes how you find and connect with potential clients. It enables you to define your target audience with a simple natural language query, refine your results, and generate personalized emails effortlessly. With Upreach, you can save time and effort by automating the process of finding and reaching out to leads, leading to higher accuracy and more revenue. The platform’s advanced AI capabilities ensure that your...
Grow your business with customer experience automation
Software Categories: CRM, Email Automation, Email Management, Email Marketing, Lead Generation
ActiveCampaign is a digital marketing platform that offers a range of tools to help businesses connect with their audience, build brand loyalty, and boost conversions. Its robust email marketing solution allows users to create engaging newsletters, build campaigns, and send personalized emails. With different types of emails available, businesses can cater to various needs, from sending one-time broadcasts to scheduling automated emails based on customer behavior. ActiveCampaign’s drag-and-drop email designer makes it easy to create...
Maximize your form leads with smart form-building
Software Categories: A/B Testing, Form Builder, Lead Generation
RowForm is a comprehensive form-building toolkit designed to help you create engaging and effective online forms. If you’ve been struggling with low conversion rates on other platforms, RowForm is the solution you need. It goes beyond just collecting data; it actively connects with and converts your audience. With easy-to-use A/B testing features, you can experiment with different layouts, questions, and user experiences to optimize your forms for better performance. The platform also provides valuable insights...
Supercharge your outreach with AI-powered messaging
Software Categories: Cold Outreach, Lead Generation, LinkedIn Outreach
Koneksi is an AI messaging tool for LinkedIn that revolutionizes the way you conduct outreach to prospects, saving you time and effort. It enables you to generate tailored messages for cold outreach, resonating on a human level with your prospects. With Koneksi, you can effortlessly load prospect data, generate personalized messages, and send them to recipients, all with just a few simple steps. The tool also offers integrations with platforms like Skylead for execution automation,...
Find, connect, and track influencers effortlessly
Software Categories: Influencer Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Management
SocialTalk is an influencer marketing software that simplifies the process of finding, analyzing, and managing influencers for your campaigns. With its AI-powered tools, you can discover and connect with the right influencers, automate your searches, and track campaign results efficiently. The platform offers unlimited searches, audience analysis, credibility scores, and real reach metrics, allowing you to make informed decisions and maximize your campaign impact. Take charge of your influencer marketing and elevate your brand’s presence...
Revolutionize your lead generation process on LinkedIn
Software Categories: Lead Generation, Lead Management, LinkedIn Outreach
LinkedLeads is a Chrome extension designed to automate and optimize your lead generation process on LinkedIn, providing a solution to the time-consuming task of connecting with potential leads and initiating conversations. You can effortlessly send personalized messages or lead magnets to your LinkedIn connections, significantly increasing your chances of converting them into customers. The easy, one-click installation process and seamless activation within LinkedIn make it convenient to use. You will save time and effort by...
Automate lead generation and focus on growth
Software Categories: AI Writing, Lead Generation, Social Media Monitoring
ReplyGuy is a tool designed to automate lead generation from social media mentions, saving you time and effort. By tracking and analyzing mentions related to your product in real time, ReplyGuy’s AI generates personalized replies to attract potential leads. You can create projects, add keywords, and let the AI suggest suitable keywords for your product, saving you 30-60 hours monthly for each project compared to manual lead generation methods. The software supports Twitter and Reddit,...
Engage visitors and collect data effortlessly
Software Categories: Chatbot, Lead Generation is an AI-powered chatbot platform that revolutionizes customer engagement and data collection on your website. It offers a 24/7 chatbot that engages with your visitors, leading to higher conversions and reduced acquisition costs. With, you can integrate with various apps without coding, such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Slack, streamlining your workflow and saving time. The chatbot provides a consistent and delightful experience for all your customers, ensuring that they receive proactive interaction and...
Generate more leads by identifying website visitors
Software Categories: Cold Outreach, Lead Generation
HappierLeads is lead generation software that revolutionizes the way you identify and engage with website visitors. By seamlessly tracking your website’s traffic, HappierLeads equips you with the vital information needed to generate more revenue. Get ahead of your competitors by effortlessly identifying potential leads that work remotely. With HappierLeads, you can significantly increase your chances of converting these leads into valuable customers. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a boost in revenue with...
Revolutionize your business with powerful AI-driven customer service chatbots
Software Categories: AI, AI Customer Support, Lead Generation, Meeting Management
Brainwave is an advanced AI-powered software that revolutionizes customer service chatbots. Designed to enhance your business operations, Brainwave automates customer interactions, streamlines lead collection, and simplifies meeting scheduling. This powerful tool harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT, enabling you to provide efficient and effective support to your customers without the need for human intervention. With Brainwave, your customers experience seamless interactions as they receive accurate and timely responses, promptly resolving their queries. This software also facilitates...
Say farewell to dull and complicated forms with an intuitive creation tool
Software Categories: Form Builder, Lead Generation
Tally is a comprehensive software solution for seamlessly creating intuitive and engaging forms. Designed with simplicity in mind, Tally revolutionizes the way professionals and businesses build forms by offering a hassle-free, user-friendly experience. Say goodbye to dull and monotonous forms as Tally injects a touch of elegance, transforming your form-building process into an effortless endeavor. With Tally, you no longer need to possess any technical expertise or coding knowledge to craft professional-grade forms. Its intuitive...
Capture high-intent leads with lead generation quiz funnels
Software Categories: Lead Generation, Quiz Maker
Convertlyio is an AI-powered lead generation quiz funnel builder that enables users to create personalized quizzes to capture high-intent leads and provide tailored product or service recommendations. The platform offers features such as AI-powered ad creation, customizable quiz branding, and the ability to embed quizzes anywhere on a website. Additionally, it provides tools for custom outcomes and user paths, seamless integration with over 6,000 apps through Zapier, and personalized follow-up questions using previous answers and...
Pull actionable contact data for your prospecting needs
Software Categories: Cold Email, Cold Outreach, Email Verification, Lead Generation
LeadRocks is a powerful B2B contact database and email outreach tool designed specifically for digital agencies, recruiters, and sales teams. With LeadRocks, you can access a comprehensive database of contacts that can help you expand your network and grow your business. This tool enables you to find and connect with potential customers, automate your outreach campaigns, and drive more sales for your business. One of the standout features of LeadRocks is its ability to help...
Swipe Pages
Build high converting landing pages in minutes
Software Categories: Landing Page, Lead Generation, Website Builder
Swipe Pages is a cloud-based landing page builder designed for businesses of all sizes in various niches, such as eCommerce, real estate, and SaaS. With Swipe Pages, you can create fast-loading, mobile-optimized landing pages in AMP format without writing a single line of code. The drag-and-drop editor enables you to customize your pages with ease, from adding text and images to integrations with your favorite marketing tools. It’s perfect for marketers and entrepreneurs who want...
Never lose a Twitter sale again
Software Categories: CRM, Lead Generation, Lead Management
Inboxs is an innovative solution that elevates the experience of managing Twitter Direct Messages, turning it into a powerful platform for professionals to streamline their communication and foster new business opportunities. With features like conversation filtering, organization through tags, keyboard shortcuts, and quick reply messages, Inboxs ensures you never miss important messages while maximizing efficiency in your daily workflow....
Email marketing and beyond
Software Categories: Email Automation, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Popup, SMS Marketing
GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes to connect with their audience and grow their customer base. It provides a suite of tools that allow businesses to create impactful marketing campaigns, drive more traffic to their websites, and generate more leads and sales. At its core, GetResponse is a powerful email marketing platform that lets businesses create and send newsletters, autoresponders, and other targeted campaigns to their subscribers. With...
Find the right leads, faster, to grow your Business
Software Categories: AI, Data Enrichment, Data Extraction, Lead Generation is an advanced lead generation platform designed to help startups and digital agencies find, capture, and convert high-quality leads. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Webtastic scans purchase intent signals across the web, providing users with an up-to-date and distinctive dataset of potential clients. This data includes accurate contact details, detailed company information, website technologies used, social media metrics, and more. With a seamless integration with CRM systems, Webtastic simplifies lead management and maximizes deal-closing time....
Build your entire outbound flow ‍in minutes
Software Categories: Cold Outreach, Email Warm-Up, Lead Generation
Omni is an all-in-one, automated omnichannel platform designed to streamline your outreach campaigns and boost your sales process. It’s a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to find, reach out to, and close high-quality B2B clients automatically. Omni offers a plethora of features including customizable scripts based on successful email flows, a high-quality lead database, and strategies to fix email deliverability issues. By integrating Omni into your business operations, you can achieve personalized outreach at scale,...
A simple, intuitive and powerful one-stop form solution
Software Categories: Development, Form Builder, Lead Generation
Headlessforms is a cutting-edge form builder designed to make the process of creating and managing online forms as simple and efficient as possible. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, you can create custom forms in minutes, without any coding knowledge required. The cloud-based platform ensures seamless data storage and integration with popular third-party services, making Headlessforms the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes looking to collect and manage data effectively....
Fluent Forms
The fastest WordPress form builder
Software Categories: Form Builder, Lead Generation
Fluent Forms is an innovative and lightning-fast WordPress form builder designed to simplify the process of creating and managing web forms. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, extensive template library, and advanced features like conversational forms and mobile responsiveness, Fluent Forms empowers users to build stunning forms without any coding knowledge required. This affordable and growth-focused solution streamlines the entire form creation experience, making it the ultimate tool for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their...
Turn LinkedIn actions into sales opportunities
Software Categories: Lead Generation, LinkedIn Outreach, Sales Enablement
Intently is the ultimate tool for turning your LinkedIn actions into valuable sales opportunities. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Intently has quickly become a go-to solution for sales professionals looking to boost their success. Whether you’re a sales newbie or an experienced executive, Intently is designed to help you validate ideal customer profiles, find look-alike leads, and track key accounts using real-time behavioral data...
Create high converting mobile-first web pages
Software Categories: Landing Page, Lead Generation, Website Builder
Pagemaker is a powerful tool designed to create high-converting landing pages with ease. Its mobile-first approach and 500+ modules and templates ensure quick and efficient building of web pages, enhancing customer experience and boosting conversion rates. The templates, updated weekly, are designed by Landing Page Dude, a CRO agency that has worked with top brands, promising optimized and fast-loading pages. Pagemaker offers an array of features for seamless business operations. It integrates with popular eCommerce...
Personalize videos at scale
Software Categories: Cold Email, Cold Outreach, Lead Generation, Video Outreach
Potion is a video outreach platform that’s set to revolutionize the way you communicate with your audience. With Potion, you can personalize video content in bulk, without ever having to re-record anything again. Potion’s video personalization feature includes everything from adding a name or company logo to a video, to personalizing the entire message for each recipient. You can even add custom images and text to create a seamless experience for your audience....
Convert visitors into customers
Software Categories: Lead Generation, Marketing, Popup, Segmentation
OptinMagic is your ultimate tool for conversion optimization and lead generation. Designed to boost your sales and grow your email list effortlessly, OptinMagic allows you to create high-converting opt-in campaigns in just a few clicks. With a wide range of stunning, mobile-responsive templates and an easy-to-use drag and drop editor, you can create eye-catching opt-in forms that capture your audience’s attention and match your brand style perfectly. OptinMagic’s advanced targeting and triggers ensure your opt-in...
Interactive content and gamification platform
Software Categories: Education, Gamification, Lead Generation, Trivia
Interacty is a dynamic platform that brings together interactive content creation and gamification, offering an innovative way to engage audiences. It enables users to create a wide array of interactive activities such as games, quizzes, timelines, maps, and more, utilizing over 20 customizable game mechanics. Interacty provides ready-to-use templates and content blocks for swift and straightforward creation, while integration with Unsplash and Pixabay allows access to a vast library of free images. Additionally, it offers...
One platform for all your Marketing, Sales, and Support teams
Software Categories: CRM, Email Automation, Email Marketing, Lead Generation
EngageBay is a comprehensive digital solution designed to streamline your business operations and boost efficiency. This all-in-one software offers an array of robust tools including CRM, marketing automation, sales and service features, and more. It’s been recognized by industry leaders like Neil Patel, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Jeff Bullas, and Business. EngageBay is designed to enhance customer engagement, improve team collaboration, provide insightful analytics, and ultimately drive growth for your business. EngageBay’s makes it easy...
Email marketing made easy
Software Categories: Email Automation, Email Management, Email Marketing, Lead Generation
EmailOctopus is a powerful and cost-effective email marketing tool. It allows you to create, manage, send and track emails in bulk with ease. With EmailOctopus’ drag and drop editor, it’s easy to customize your message, use templates or start from scratch. The detailed analytics will help you measure the success of any campaigns – giving you valuable insights into who opened your emails or clicked on links. This makes it easy to effectively target and engage...
Interactive microsites for mobile marketing
Software Categories: Lead Generation, Link in Bio, Web Development, Website Builder
Kites is the ideal microsite builder for coaches, influencers, business owners and entrepreneurs looking to create an engaging online presence. Kites offers a comprehensive suite of tools that make it easy to design interactive content such as presentations, digital business cards, surveys and more. It also provides predefined templates that can be customized quickly and easily with no coding knowledge required. Kites provides customers with limitless design possibilities to maximize the visual impact of their...
Your go-to B2B marketing and sales data partner
Software Categories: Lead Generation, Sales, Sales Intelligence
ReachStream is a global B2B data provider that offers access to over 15 million business contact profiles from more than 400 industries. The platform’s unique selling proposition is its user-friendly design, which simplifies the process of finding, viewing, and downloading qualified leads. ReachStream provides comprehensive, opt-in validated data enriched with over 20+ data fields, including basic contact information, demographic, and firmographic data. This allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their prospects and tailor...
Social Proofy
Convert up to 300% more visitors into leads, demos, and sales.
Software Categories: Customer Engagement, Lead Generation, Marketing, Social Proof
Social Proofy is a dynamic, user-friendly tool that empowers website owners to increase sales, engage visitors, and collect leads effortlessly. With more than 30 widgets to choose from, this tool is designed to enhance your website’s credibility and boost user engagement. It offers a range of features including live chat buttons, feedback collection, email collectors, countdown collectors, popup images, lead collection, call-to-action popups, and more. What sets Social Proofy apart is its real-time analytics feature,...
The easiest way to build your list online
Software Categories: Lead Generation, Marketing, Popup, Segmentation
ConvertBox is an innovative on-site engagement platform designed for businesses looking to boost visitor engagement, build targeted lists, and drive sales conversions. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and customizable templates, you can create beautiful, personalized messages, lead capture forms, and segmentation surveys that target the right visitors at the right time. ConvertBox offers advanced targeting capabilities, form automation, A/B split testing, and detailed analytics to help you optimize your messaging and achieve better results. ConvertBox...
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