4 New Customer Support Software in 2023

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Ditch repetitive typing with one-click using canned responses
Software Categories: Customer Support, Productivity
SwiftReply is a versatile productivity tool designed to enhance efficiency in communication and customer service. Compatible with all chromium browsers and available on Android and iOS devices, SwiftReply allows users to create and utilize canned responses or pre-written templates for repetitive inquiries or tasks. It offers a robust solution to the time-consuming process of typing out similar responses repeatedly, ensuring consistency and speed in communication. With its commitment to data security and privacy, SwiftReply is...
Turn your website traffic into leads
Software Categories: Chatbot, Customer Support, Live Chat, Popup
Dashly is a comprehensive marketing automation platform designed to optimize customer engagement, onboarding, and support. It serves as a one-stop solution for automated user interactions, live chat, push notifications, personalized email campaigns, and pop-up messages. With its ability to integrate with both Android and iOS platforms, Dashly allows businesses to interact with their customers directly, answer queries in real-time, convert conversations into purchases, and re-engage inactive users. The platform also offers customization options for live...
Conversational Support Platform for Slack
Software Categories: Customer Support, Help Desk
ClearFeed is a powerful integration tool that streamlines communication and collaboration between popular platforms such as Slack, Hubspot, Freshdesk, and more. It enables teams to effortlessly convert Slack threads and attachments into support tickets, synchronize ticket status and comments in real-time, and collaborate on tickets across different platforms. By breaking down silos and offering seamless bi-directional syncing, ClearFeed transforms the way teams work, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced response times, and enhanced customer experiences. With...
Relevant conversations. Meaningful connections.
Software Categories: Appointment Scheduling, Chatbot, Customer Support, Live Chat, Video Chat
WeConnect.Chat is a cutting-edge conversational marketing platform that enables businesses to create meaningful connections with their audience through engaging chat interfaces. Our solution combines the power of chatbots, live messaging, video chat, meeting schedulers, and more to provide an immersive and interactive user experience. With WeConnect.Chat, you can easily build chat interfaces using our intuitive chatbot builder, offer high-quality video chats for personalized communication, and integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools to streamline your marketing...

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