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20 Best Customer Support Software in 2024

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Boost visitor engagement and drive sales with AI
Software Categories: AI Agent, AI Assistant, Customer Engagement, Customer Support
SiteAgent is an AI-powered engagement platform that revolutionizes digital customer engagement by providing an intelligent, responsive service agent for your website. It seamlessly integrates with your website, offering personalized voice and text conversations, live voice support, and intelligent product recommendations. By learning about your business and its offerings, SiteAgent delivers tailored conversations that resonate with your customers, driving satisfaction, loyalty, and higher conversion rates....
The easiest and smartest way to collect user feedback
Software Categories: Customer Engagement, Customer Feedback, Customer Success, Customer Support
Collect, manage, and communicate user feedback and product updates through our smart feedback widget, public voting boards, roadmap, and changelog. With Feedefy, you can easily collect new suggestions, feature requests, bug reports, and general feedback about your product. In return, this makes it easier to spend your time building the right things....
Create and train personalized customer service chatbots
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support, Chatbot, Customer Support
Bot9 is an AI-driven chatbot builder that empowers you to create and train a personalized customer service chatbot for your business without the need for coding. With Bot9, you can sync training data from your website, embed the chatbot on multiple sites, and refine its performance using real chat history. This code-free solution allows you to automate customer support and sales, tailoring AI-driven strategies to your business needs and reducing operational expenses. Collaborate with an...
Optimize your customer support with HelpMate
Software Categories: Customer Support, Knowledge Base, Team Collaboration
HelpMate is customer service software designed to provide a well-rounded tool for managing customer inquiries and support. It offers a team inbox, intuitive interface, self-service sites, and multiple inbound channels to ensure efficient and effective customer service. The platform has garnered praise from customers and industry experts worldwide, with testimonials highlighting its ease of use, customization options, and cost-effectiveness. HelpMate’s powerful editor allows you to create articles quickly, and you can connect your custom domain...
Revolutionize your text marketing strategy instantly
Software Categories: Customer Support, Marketing, Text Messaging
Textla is an AI-powered platform that simplifies text marketing, offering instant results from mass alerts and campaigns. You can personalize messages, filter by groups, tags, and keywords, schedule in advance, and send recurring messages. Additionally, Textla helps you expand your subscriber list at twice the speed with easy-to-remember keywords and provides a messaging inbox to focus on delivering exceptional customer service. The platform is designed to help small businesses reach their customers on the go...
Elevate your customer connections with ease
Software Categories: Chatbot, Customer Support, E-Commerce, Marketing Automation
Spur is an integrated platform that facilitates customer interactions across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, consolidating eCommerce communication into a unified space. The software offers features such as broadcast messaging with segmentation, linking products to social media posts, and a unified team shared inbox for streamlined customer support. Additionally, Spur provides a no-code workflow builder for customized chatbot creation and drip campaign setup. The platform’s value lies in its ability to store, manage, and analyze customer...
Combine the best of human empathy and AI to transform your customer experience
Software Categories: AI, Customer Support, CX
Siena is an autonomous customer service platform designed for commerce, integrating seamlessly with existing modern commerce tools such as Shopify, Recharge, and Gorgias. Siena handles over 80% of daily customer service interactions, significantly reducing the workload on teams while enhancing customer experiences. Its unique responses, lauded by customers, inspire confidence and comfort, ultimately driving purchases.. Siena’s human-like empathy in every interaction, effortless omnichannel management, and ability to resolve issues instead of deflecting them make it...
AI chatbots customized and trained based on your data
Software Categories: AI Chat, Chatbot, Customer Support, Knowledge Base
Chatboat is an advanced AI chatbot software that allows seamless integration with various applications, including Slack, Messenger, and WhatsApp. It caters to businesses of all sizes, educational institutes, healthcare providers, and ecommerce platforms, offering customized chatbot solutions for diverse needs. With Chatboat, users can effortlessly train AI-supported chatbots using their own data, whether in the form of documents, PDFs, or text, and deploy fully functional bots in minutes. The software supports more than 50 languages,...
Efficiently manage your support email and automate repetitive task
Software Categories: Client Portal, Customer Support, Help Desk, Knowledge Base
BoldDesk is a cloud-based help desk ticketing software designed to streamline support operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase productivity for businesses of all sizes. With features such as seamless integration with favorite tools, keyboard shortcuts, personal settings, and quick actions, BoldDesk empowers support agents to provide faster responses and manage support requests efficiently. Whether you are a startup, small to medium-sized business, or an enterprise, BoldDesk offers tailored solutions to meet your specific business needs. Experience...
my askai
Less time on customer support, more time on customer success
Software Categories: AI Chat, Customer Support, Knowledge Base, Live Chat
My AskAI is an innovative AI assistant platform that allows users to create personalized AI assistants by uploading company documentation, reports, and manuals. This enables instant answers to any question and can be embedded on websites or integrated with other apps and services. With features like multilingual support, secure data storage, and customizable AI assistants, My AskAI provides a comprehensive solution for streamlining processes and enhancing productivity. The platform’s ability to understand questions in multiple...
Building the new standard in customer experience with AI
Software Categories: Customer Support, Video Call, Video Recording
SnapCall is a powerful customer support tool that enhances communication and accelerates ticket resolution time. It offers two main features: SnapCall Assist, an AI-powered video solution allowing customers to record and send issues to the support team, and SnapCall Instant, a seamless audio and video call system for real-time client connection. With AI-generated summaries, relevant help center article suggestions, and no installation requirements, SnapCall simplifies customer support, streamlines workflow, and boosts business productivity....
Turn your website visitors into customers with live chat
Software Categories: Chatbot, Customer Support, Help Desk, Live Chat
Tidio is a powerful platform designed to help small and medium businesses grow their sales through exceptional customer service. With Tidio, you can improve customer experience by providing real-time support through live chat, which can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Tidio’s chatbots are customizable and easy to set up without any coding, which means you can personalize them according to your brand and specific needs. You can use them to greet users, offer discounts,...
Communicate, manage, and retain your clients
Software Categories: Client Portal, Customer Support, Task Management
Ahsuite is a platform for creating beautiful, secure and interactive client portals. The intuitive interface allows you to create an efficient workflow with your clients – all in one place. With Ahsuite, you can embed any public webpage or application into your portal as a View, so that clients can access the information they need from anywhere. You also have the ability to design custom menus within each client’s portal and assign them specific Views....
The best AI chatbot for your Ecommerce store
Software Categories: AI, Chatbot, Customer Support, Help Desk
Octocom is a revolutionary AI-powered virtual shopping consultant designed to elevate the customer experience in e-commerce. It operates 24/7, providing personalized product recommendations, accurate comparisons, and swift answers to customer queries. With its ability to adapt to any situation and offer multilingual support, Octocom significantly increases customer satisfaction by addressing 87% of inquiries in real-time. Integrated with major e-commerce platforms and existing customer support tools, Octocom utilizes advanced AI technology to streamline customer service operations....
Simple chat tool for business
Software Categories: Customer Support, Live Chat, QR Code
PinChat is a cutting-edge digital platform that revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their customers. It combines the power of chatbot technology with the convenience of QR codes and online links, creating a seamless communication channel available 24/7. With PinChat, businesses can generate personalized chat room homepages in one click, customize themes, add interactive buttons linking to e-commerce, social media, and video platforms, and provide complete business information on a single entry page. PinChat also...
People-centered customer service software
Software Categories: Customer Support, Help Desk, Live Chat
Gladly is a personal customer service platform. Built with people at its core, Gladly focuses on fostering meaningful and productive conversations between customers and their favorite brands. The platform streamlines all communication channels – email, chat, call, social media – into one centralized, user-friendly interface. This allows for seamless transitions between different modes of communication, ensuring that the customer’s story is never lost in the process. Furthermore, Gladly’s innovative design places the customer at the...
Ditch repetitive typing with one-click using canned responses
Software Categories: Customer Support, Productivity
SwiftReply is a versatile productivity tool designed to enhance efficiency in communication and customer service. Compatible with all chromium browsers and available on Android and iOS devices, SwiftReply allows users to create and utilize canned responses or pre-written templates for repetitive inquiries or tasks. It offers a robust solution to the time-consuming process of typing out similar responses repeatedly, ensuring consistency and speed in communication. With its commitment to data security and privacy, SwiftReply is...
Turn your website traffic into leads
Software Categories: Chatbot, Customer Support, Live Chat, Popup
Dashly is a comprehensive marketing automation platform designed to optimize customer engagement, onboarding, and support. It serves as a one-stop solution for automated user interactions, live chat, push notifications, personalized email campaigns, and pop-up messages. With its ability to integrate with both Android and iOS platforms, Dashly allows businesses to interact with their customers directly, answer queries in real-time, convert conversations into purchases, and re-engage inactive users. The platform also offers customization options for live...
Conversational Support Platform for Slack
Software Categories: Customer Support, Help Desk
ClearFeed is a powerful integration tool that streamlines communication and collaboration between popular platforms such as Slack, Hubspot, Freshdesk, and more. It enables teams to effortlessly convert Slack threads and attachments into support tickets, synchronize ticket status and comments in real-time, and collaborate on tickets across different platforms. By breaking down silos and offering seamless bi-directional syncing, ClearFeed transforms the way teams work, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced response times, and enhanced customer experiences. With...
Relevant conversations. Meaningful connections.
Software Categories: Appointment Scheduling, Chatbot, Customer Support, Live Chat, Video Chat
WeConnect.Chat is a cutting-edge conversational marketing platform that enables businesses to create meaningful connections with their audience through engaging chat interfaces. Our solution combines the power of chatbots, live messaging, video chat, meeting schedulers, and more to provide an immersive and interactive user experience. With WeConnect.Chat, you can easily build chat interfaces using our intuitive chatbot builder, offer high-quality video chats for personalized communication, and integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools to streamline your marketing...
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