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Use AI to turn any video footage into a marketing masterpiece

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Trying to create engaging video content without the right tools is like trying to eat spaghetti with chopsticks โ€“ it’s possible, but you’re in for a saucy mess. ๐Ÿ Well, grab your napkins, folks, because here comes Peech! ๐ŸŒŸ

What’s Peech? It’s a clever AI-powered video platform that’s custom-built to help marketing teams and content creators whip up delectable content marketing recipes. With its state-of-the-art natural language processing technology, Peech enables you to cook up an unlimited number of high-quality, engaging videos that complement your overall marketing strategy like a fine wine. Webinars, podcasts, testimonials, or in-house creative projects โ€“ Peech has got all the ingredients to make video creation as satisfying as a Michelin-star meal. ๐Ÿฝ๏ธ

Our opinion about Peech: We’re tickled pink by this platform! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’• Peech has stirred up the content creation pot, making it a scrumptious and downright irresistible experience. Its user-friendly interface and robust features have left us wondering how we ever survived without this culinary wizard in our kitchen. So, if you’re ready to bid adieu to content creation mishaps and become the Gordon Ramsay of video content, Peech is the sous-chef you need by your side! ๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ฅ

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Discover Peech, the revolutionary AI-driven video platform that empowers marketing teams to effortlessly create, repurpose, and scale captivating content for maximum impact.


Transform existing content into engaging, shareable videos with cutting-edge AI technology
Save time and resources by automating video production while maintaining professional quality
Scale content creation effortlessly, turning marketing teams into unstoppable creators
Enhance brand presence across platforms by repurposing webinars, podcasts, and testimonials into captivating visuals
Streamline team collaboration and communication for a more efficient and effective content creation process

Peech is a groundbreaking generative AI video platform tailored specifically for marketing teams, enabling them to maximize their content marketing efforts. With Peech’s advanced NLP technology, marketing teams can generate an unlimited number of high-quality, engaging videos, streamlining the video creation process and aligning it with their overall marketing strategy. From webinars to podcasts, testimonials to in-house creative projects, Peech offers an array of features that make video creation efficient and effortless.

With Peech, marketing teams can produce professional, ready-to-publish videos within seconds, thanks to its unique automatic editing process. The platform allows users to manage their content in a smart library, easily edit video content like a document, auto-generate subtitles with highlighted keywords, calibrate automatic editing to fit their brand, and incorporate professional visual elements to enhance their content.

Peech is perfect for any marketing team seeking an automatic expert to create their video content without having to allocate extensive resources or budget. For instance, Peech for Webinars helps users automatically generate unlimited short-form videos from their webinars, while Peech for Podcasts enables them to visualize audio content and create short-form videos to expand their brand presence. Peech for Testimonials automates the testimonial video creation process to generate more leads, and Peech for Studios empowers in-house creative teams to make the most of the technology and create unlimited content.

The platform also caters to businesses looking to localize content for different audiences, fit aspect ratios for various social media channels, summarize content to catch the audience’s eye, translate videos into different languages, and generate versions for A/B testing. With Peech, marketing teams can save resources, become experts in video production, and scale their success by turning their content teams into unstoppable creators. Moreover, Peech facilitates collaboration and communication among team members, ensuring an effective creation process.

Peech Features

Transform Webinars into Engaging Short Videos

With Peech for Webinars, marketing teams can automatically generate an unlimited number of short-form videos from their webinars. This feature saves time and effort by repurposing existing content and turning it into engaging, ready-to-publish videos. By leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, Peech ensures that your webinar content reaches a wider audience and increases engagement across various platforms.

Visualize Podcasts for Enhanced Brand Presence

Peech for Podcasts allows marketing teams to automatically visualize audio content and create short-form videos. By transforming audio files into visually captivating videos, this feature helps brands expand their presence on social media and other digital platforms. With AI-driven video creation, marketers can now effortlessly convert podcasts into shareable, eye-catching content.

Generate Powerful Testimonial Videos for More Leads

Peech for Testimonials streamlines the testimonial video creation process, enabling marketing teams to generate more leads. By automating the production of testimonial videos, Peech saves time and resources while ensuring high-quality output. This feature empowers businesses to showcase customer success stories effectively and build trust with potential clients.

Empower In-House Creative Teams with Peech for Studios

Peech for Studios is designed to enhance the capabilities of in-house creative teams by providing them with advanced AI technology for generating unlimited content. This feature allows creatives to focus on ideation and strategy, while Peech takes care of the video production process. By integrating Peech into their workflow, studios can scale their content creation and increase efficiency.

Save Time with Automatic Editing and Smart Library Management

Peech’s automatic editing feature generates professional, ready-to-publish videos within seconds. Its smart library management system enables users to easily organize and edit video content as if they were working on a document. This feature simplifies the video creation process, allowing marketing teams to focus on other important tasks.

Localize and Repurpose Video Content for Maximum Impact

The AI-driven platform helps marketing teams localize content for different audiences, fit aspect ratios to various social media channels, summarize content to catch the audience’s eye, translate videos to different languages, and generate versions for A/B testing. This feature ensures that businesses get the most out of their video content and achieve maximum impact across different platforms and audiences.

Collaborate and Communicate Effectively with Your Team

The platform enables seamless collaboration and communication among team members throughout the video creation process. By streamlining workflows and promoting effective teamwork, Peech helps marketing teams produce high-quality content faster and more efficiently. With Peech, collaboration becomes a breeze, empowering teams to become unstoppable creators.

Peech Pricing


Freemium Plan


Features included
1 / User
2 Videos / Month
5 Minutes upload limit
Peech watermark
1 Language
1 Brand kit
Google fonts
2 GB of storage
Email support

Pro Plan


Features included
1 / User
10 Videos / Month
15 Minutes upload limit
Remove Peech watermark
1 Language
Limited music library
1 Brand kit
Google fonts
50 GB of storage
Email support

Teams Plan


Features included
5 / Users
Unlimited Videos / Month
60 Minutes upload limit
Remove Peech watermark
1 Language
Shutterstock music library
5 Brand kits
Custom fonts
200 GB of storage
Live support
Team permissions
Real-time collaboration
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Use AI to turn any video footage into a marketing masterpiece
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