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Are you a content creator drowning in a sea of live streaming mediocrity, desperately gasping for that breath of fresh air to revitalize your content? ๐ŸŒŠ Well, grab your snorkel and prepare to dive into the captivating world of LiveReacting! ๐Ÿ 

What is LiveReacting? It’s the digital Swiss Army knife every content creator dreams of having in their toolbox. With its browser-based platform, you can create interactive and engaging live videos, adding pre-recorded videos, games, countdowns, and polls to your live streams. Say goodbye to monotonous broadcasts and hello to an exciting new way of connecting with your audience across Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. ๐ŸŽฅ

Our opinion about LiveReacting: ๐Ÿค” We think it’s like discovering a hidden treasure chest filled with magical tools that make your live streaming adventures an absolute blast! The interactive features and easy-to-use interface are like a sprinkle of fairy dust โœจ on your content, making it stand out from the crowd and attract viewers like moths to a flame. So, gear up, fellow content creators, LiveReacting is here to take your live streaming game to new heights! ๐Ÿ”๏ธ๐Ÿ’ซ

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Categories based on features & services
Unleash your live streaming potential with LiveReacting, the ultimate interactive platform that captivates audiences and skyrockets engagement.


Elevate audience engagement with interactive games, countdowns, and polls during live streams
Seamlessly integrate pre-recorded videos for polished and professional broadcasts
Customize your live videos to match your brand's style and messaging
Reach a wider audience by streaming simultaneously across multiple platforms
Foster a sense of community by showcasing viewer comments and fostering real-time interaction

LiveReacting is an innovative live streaming platform that enables users to create interactive and engaging live videos directly within their browser. Offering a suite of features such as pre-recorded video integration, interactive games, countdowns, and live polls, LiveReacting helps boost follower engagement and growth across various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. The platform empowers users to design branded live videos, interactive live shows, interviews, and much more, all while being user-friendly and free to get started.

User types and use cases for LiveReacting are diverse, catering to social media managers, digital agencies, brands, and content creators. Social media managers can leverage the platform’s interactivity to captivate their audiences and promote their clients’ products or events effectively. Digital agencies can utilize LiveReacting to help their clients stand out in a competitive online environment by crafting engaging live content. Brands can take advantage of the platform to showcase their products, host Q&A sessions, or even run live giveaways, fostering stronger connections with their audience. Content creators can use LiveReacting to enhance their live streams with interactive elements like interviews and real-time games, boosting audience engagement and growth. In summary, LiveReacting offers a versatile and powerful solution for those looking to elevate their live streaming content and captivate their audience.

LiveReacting Features

Transform Your Streams with Pre-Recorded Video Integration

Integrating pre-recorded videos into your live streams has never been easier. With LiveReacting, you can add high-quality, pre-recorded content to your live broadcast, ensuring a professional and polished presentation. This feature is perfect for creators who want to showcase product demonstrations, tutorials, or interviews without the stress of producing them live. By incorporating pre-recorded videos, you’ll deliver a seamless viewing experience while maintaining full control over your content.

In addition to enhancing your live streams, this feature allows you to repurpose existing content, maximizing its value and reach. You can also use pre-recorded videos to create a buffer during your live events, giving you time to engage with your audience through comments and reactions.

Boost Engagement with Interactive Games

Interactive games are a fantastic way to keep your audience entertained and engaged during your live streams. LiveReacting offers a variety of interactive games that can be easily added to your broadcasts, including trivia, word search, and closest guess challenges. These games encourage viewers to participate in real-time, creating a fun and dynamic atmosphere.

Not only do these games provide entertainment, but they also foster a sense of community among your viewers. As participants interact with each other and compete for bragging rights, they’ll be more likely to stick around, share your content, and become loyal fans.

Captivate Your Audience with Countdowns

Create anticipation and excitement with customizable countdowns that can be added to your live streams. Countdowns are an excellent way to build hype around product launches, announce upcoming events, or simply kick off your live broadcast in style. With LiveReacting, you can choose from a variety of professionally designed countdown templates or create your own custom design.

By incorporating a countdown into your live stream, you’ll keep viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting what comes next. This heightened sense of anticipation can lead to increased engagement and viewership, as people are more likely to share and discuss your content.

Foster Interaction with Real-Time Polls

Live polls offer an easy way to engage viewers and encourage interaction during your live streams. With LiveReacting, you can create custom polls that appear directly within your video, allowing viewers to vote by commenting on your broadcast. This real-time feedback not only makes your content more interactive but also provides valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and opinions.

Polls can be used to gather feedback on product features, gauge viewer sentiment on a particular topic, or even conduct fun and lighthearted surveys. By incorporating live polls into your streams, you’ll create a dynamic and engaging experience for your viewers.

Showcase Viewer Comments for Increased Engagement

Displaying viewer comments during your live stream is a powerful way to acknowledge your audience and foster a sense of community. LiveReacting allows you to showcase viewer comments directly within your video, giving your audience the recognition they crave while encouraging further interaction.

By highlighting viewer comments, you’ll not only make your followers feel valued but also inspire others to join the conversation. This increased engagement can lead to higher viewership numbers and a more loyal fan base.

Elevate Your Brand with Customization and Branding

Maintaining a consistent brand identity across your live streams is essential for building recognition and trust with your audience. LiveReacting offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor your videos to match your brand’s style and messaging. Add logos, color schemes, and custom backgrounds to create a cohesive and professional look for your broadcasts.

By incorporating branding elements into your live streams, you’ll reinforce your brand identity and create a memorable viewing experience for your audience.

Stream to Multiple Platforms Simultaneously

Maximize your reach and grow your audience by streaming to multiple platforms at once. LiveReacting enables you to broadcast your live videos across Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms simultaneously. This powerful feature allows you to connect with viewers on their preferred platform while increasing your overall visibility.

Multistreaming helps you expand your audience and discover new followers who may not have found you otherwise. By leveraging this feature, you’ll be able to grow your brand and reach more people than ever before.

LiveReacting Pricing


Small Plan


Features included
credits per month
Watermark removed
4 GB max video file size
Multistream - 2 destinations
AI host
Direct uploading from Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube
Unlimited social accounts
12 GB file storage
No limit for max stream duration (8 hrs for FB)
70+ different templates
Screen sharing Interactive elements
RTMP stream destination
Template customizations
Schedule post
Plugin mode
720p streaming
Basic support
No software required
$3.3 per extra credit

Medium Plan


Features included
Everything in Small
15 credits per month
8 GB max video file size
30 GB file storage Multistream - 5 destinations
1080p streaming
AI host
Priority support
$2.66 per extra credit

Large Plan


Features included
Everything in Medium
50 credits per month
12 GB max video file size
50 GB file storage
Multistream - 10 destinations
Premium support
$1.99 per extra credit

Enterprise Plan


Features included
Everything in Large
130 credits per month
20 GB max video file size
100 GB file storage
Multistream - 20 destinations
$1.92 per extra credit
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Never host a boring stream again
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