Two Minute Reports Lifetime Deal

Empower fast, effective and data-driven reports with Two Minute Reports

Two Minute Reports is the simplest reporting tool available on the market today. It allows you to quickly and easily monitor your product and business metrics, fully automated in Google Sheets. Two Minute Reports is a 4 in 1 toolbox that included:

  • Analytics
    Measure your product analytics like web traffic or App Sales through your favourite analytics sources like Google Analytics.
  • PPC ADs
    Track and Report the PPC AD performance of providers like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads for multiple accounts.
  • SEO
    Monitor and backup your important Seach Engine metrics like Keywords, Clicks, SERP ranking, FCP, FID etc.
  • Database
    Get your raw data from product, operations or marketing databases to analyze and create custom reports.

Two Minute Reports Lifetime Deal. Highlights:

👉 All lifetime plans are stackable
👉 Get lifetime access to Two Minute Reports for $39.00/lifetime

What’s included?

  • Lifetime access to Two Minute Reports Solo Plan
  • Automate Reports in Google Sheets
  • Access for 1 user (stackable)
  • All Data Sources
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Queries
  • … and more!
Two Minute Reports Lifetime Deal