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37 Best AI Chat Software in 2024

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Build and share customized AI tools with ease
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support
Stackbear is an AI help desk software designed to enhance your workflow and streamline your operations effortlessly. This user-friendly platform empowers you to craft,execute, and distribute custom AI tools without the need for any coding expertise. You can effortlessly build AI tools specifically tailored to your unique needs. By eliminating the requirement for coding, this software ensures a seamless user experience. Regardless of your technical proficiency, Stackbear allows you to create intelligent applications by providing...
All-in-one platform to generate AI content
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Writing, Content Creation
Boostrbot is an all-in-one AI marketing writing assistant that empowers you to create content faster, cheaper, and better. With Boostrbot, you can generate text, image, voice, chat, and more, all under one roof. The platform also offers Brand Voice for effortless brand identity expression and an affiliate system to earn commissions from referrals. Additionally, you can invite colleagues to join a team and maximize the benefits of AI. Boostrbot is the perfect content creation solution,...
Enhance the customer journey at every touchpoint
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support, Live Chat
Intelswift is an AI customer service automation platform that revolutionizes the way you engage with your customers. By integrating AI chatbots, live chat, and AI copilot, Intelswift enables you to provide personalized, swift, and efficient customer service across all touchpoints. With Intelswift, you can automate responses, handle FAQs, and resolve basic customer problems, allowing you to be more productive and provide outstanding support, ultimately leaving your customers satisfied. This all-in-one solution is designed to make...
newoaks ai
24/7 SMS conversational appointment booking
Software Categories: AI Assistant, AI Chat, Appointment Booking
NewOaks AI is an AI conversational appointment booking platform that streamlines the process of scheduling appointments through website chat widgets and SMS. It allows you to provide consistent, high-quality service to your clients, whether they prefer web-based chat or SMS communication. With NewOaks AI, you can also create free text SMS chatbots, engage in live chat on mobile, and benefit from bi-directional API/webhooks omni-channel integrations. The platform is designed to facilitate seamless communication and appointment...
Seamlessly integrate AI Agents for enhanced collaboration
Software Categories: AI Agent, AI Chat, AI Customer Support, AI Productivity
DOO is an AI-powered platform that offers a pool of trained AI Mates to seamlessly integrate into your team, boosting efficiency and unlocking new possibilities for collaboration. You can access a variety of trained AI Mates with specialized industry knowledge and training in multiple fields, as well as create custom AI Mates tailored to fit your specific needs and requirements. This platform reinvents the future of work by seamlessly augmenting your team’s capabilities with AI...
inline help
Elevate support with instant insights and real-time responses
Software Categories: AI Agent, AI Chat, AI Customer Support, Help Desk
Inline Help is an AI-driven support solution that empowers you with instant insights and real-time responses, enhancing user experience and driving efficiency. With Inline Help, you can seamlessly convert your knowledge base into proactive support, providing contextual guidance and immediate assistance to your users. The platform offers in-app contextual mastery, effortless integration of AI-powered tooltips, and real-time contextual responses through a chatbot. It also provides an ultimate help hub, direct issue reporting, and support in...
Your responsive and precise AI chatbot solution
Software Categories: AI Agent, AI Chat, Chatbot, Live Chat
LiveChatAI is an AI chatbot software that transforms your customer support by reducing support volumes and instantly answering customer inquiries, all while working seamlessly on any platform and in any language. With LiveChatAI, you can dramatically reduce your support volume, with an average AI resolution rate of 70% and an impressive 82% resolution rate from customer queries. This means saying goodbye to long waiting times and hello to satisfied customers, effortlessly streamlining your customer service....
Elevate your WhatsApp interactions with AI-powered support
Software Categories: AI Agent, AI Chat, AI Customer Support, WhatsApp Marketing
Popcorn is an AI-powered support and messaging platform that revolutionizes your business interactions on WhatsApp. It solves the challenge of scaling your business on WhatsApp by offering an AI Assistant that provides limitless support for your sales and marketing efforts. With Popcorn, you can seamlessly switch between use cases, such as real estate, e-commerce, and healthcare, and benefit from customizable AI assistants, intelligent interactions, seamless integration with essential business tools, and human-AI collaboration for a...
Engage visitors and capture leads with AI chatbot
Software Categories: AI Agent, AI Chat, AI Customer Support, Chatbot
Chatsimple is an AI-powered chatbot solution that enables you to engage with visitors, capture leads, and provide personalized support across multiple channels. With Chatsimple, you can convert visitors into customers, guide them to the right products, and offer a VIP experience with personalized responses in over 175 languages. The platform also allows you to integrate with your favorite tools, access real business case studies, and benefit from powerful integrations to enhance customer experience and drive...
Unleash your creativity with Google’s AI model
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Image, AI Video, AI Writing
Gemini is a powerful AI model that provides direct access to Google AI, enabling you to supercharge your creativity and productivity. It seamlessly understands and combines different types of information, including text, images, audio, video, and code, to help you with writing, planning, learning, and more. When you enter a prompt into Gemini, it replies with a response using the information it already knows or fetches from other sources, like other Google services. It’s a...
Next-generation AI chatbot building platform for innovative bots
Software Categories: AI Assistant, AI Chat, Chatbot
Coze is a no-code AI bot builder that empowers you to quickly create and publish AI chatbots on various platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Slack. With Coze, you can turn your bot ideas into reality, build powerful bots powered by Large Language Models, and even create a team of AI bots that can work together. The platform offers a vast plugin library, workflows for designing complex bots, scheduled tasks, and the ability to equip your...
kompas ai
Smart AI agents to sharpen your competitive edge
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Assistant, AI Chat, Business Analytics
Kompas AI is an advanced AI platform that excels in diverse tasks, such as strategy, analysis, marketing, HR, and writing, empowered by unrestricted iteration, advanced code interpreter, multisession support, and a query queuing system for complex demands. You can access cutting-edge AI agents that cater to a wide range of tasks, enabling you to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and improve productivity across different areas of your business. The platform’s advanced features and robust support...
Read, analyze, create, and share more efficiently
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Image, AI Productivity, AI Writing
PopAi is an AI tool that revolutionizes document interaction, offering seamless navigation, enhanced readability, and universal accessibility. It feels like having a personal assistant ready to help 24/7, providing interactive AI conversations and screenshot Q&A directly in your browser, making research and information gathering more efficient. The tool accurately extracts text and mathematical formulas from scanned documents, making digital storage and organization a breeze. Whether it’s chatting with documents to find specific information quickly or...
promptly ai
Build tailor-made generative AI agents, applications and chatbots
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Assistant, AI Automation, AI Chat
Promptly AI is an advanced platform that redefines automation, enabling you to transform your operational workflow and elevate your outreach strategy. It empowers you to automate mundane tasks, navigate web pages with unparalleled accuracy and speed, and execute tasks efficiently and effectively on a massive scale. With Promptly AI, you can unlock the full potential of web automation, personalize your outreach messages, and drive higher engagement and conversion rates. The platform seamlessly integrates with various...
Revolutionize user engagement and sales processes with AI
Software Categories: AI Chat, Marketing, Sales, Sales Enablement
Blozum is an AI sales assistant platform that revolutionizes user engagement and sales processes. It offers a range of innovative solutions, including AI chatbots, personalized assistants, and content strategizers, designed to maximize conversions and streamline your marketing journey. With Blozum, you can effortlessly integrate AI-powered personalization, seamless integration, and quick setup, empowering you to create engaging conversations and tailored content that resonate with your audience. The platform’s real-time testing and data-driven optimization ensure that your...
Create and train personalized customer service chatbots
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support, Chatbot, Customer Support
Bot9 is an AI-driven chatbot builder that empowers you to create and train a personalized customer service chatbot for your business without the need for coding. With Bot9, you can sync training data from your website, embed the chatbot on multiple sites, and refine its performance using real chat history. This code-free solution allows you to automate customer support and sales, tailoring AI-driven strategies to your business needs and reducing operational expenses. Collaborate with an...
Chat with your databases and create custom GPTs
Software Categories: AI Assistant, AI Chat, Database
Datalang is an AI tool that allows you to ask questions about your database in natural language. It simplifies the process of querying your database by enabling you to set up your data source, ask questions in plain language, and receive natural language responses. The tool fetches and translates data into a natural language answer, making it easier for you to interpret and understand the insights hidden within your database. With Datalang, you can effortlessly...
The easiest way to create an AI agent using your existing data
Software Categories: AI Assistant, AI Chat, Knowledge Base
askGenie is an AI-powered agent builder that revolutionizes communication and workflow automation. It simplifies complex tasks, automates workflows, and enables multi-agent communication and collaboration. You can incorporate or modify various sources and seamlessly integrate them through the askGenie interface. The platform allows you to start chatting with any document or website and create your own AI agent trained on your data. With askGenie, you can connect your knowledge base from anywhere, access data from different...
All-in-one platform to generate AI content in minutes
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Coding, AI Image, AI Writing
Chapple is an AI-powered content generation platform that offers a wide array of tools to assist you in creating various types of content. With Chapple, you can generate text, images, code, chatbots, and more, catering to your diverse content creation needs. The platform is designed to help you automate and expedite the content creation process, allowing you to generate high-quality content quickly and easily. Chapple’s AI models, such as GPT, Dall-E, and Ada, enable you...
Increase your sales on autopilot
Software Categories: AI Assistant, AI Chat, AI Customer Support
Nara is an digital sales associate that transforms your online store’s customer interactions. It seamlessly integrates into all your chat channels, providing human-level support and personalized shopping advice. Nara learns from your business and uses the content you provide to tailor its responses across all chat channels, ensuring a comfortable and helpful experience for your customers. With Nara, you can automate conversations, offer support, and increase sales on autopilot, backed by real-time updates from data...
Build your personalized AI environment to generate better output faster
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Productivity, AI Writing
PentaPrompt is an AI workspace that provides access to powerful generative AI models, allowing you to create personalized conversations and prompts, and streamline interactions with AI models. With PentaPrompt, you can build truly capable assistants by configuring AI to deliver precise expertise and find what you are looking for fast with filters, folders, and search. You can store contextual prompts, create knowledge bases for answering questions, and enjoy convenience features during conversations, such as deleting...
Create high-quality content with AI
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Voice Generator, AI Writing, Speech to Text
Generrate is an all-in-one AI content creation tool that transforms the way you create text, voiceovers, and images. It offers a wide range of features, including AI Writer with customizable templates, AI Article Wizard for generating SEO-friendly articles, Chat PDF for turning PDFs into interactive chatbots, AI Chat for dialogue with pre-trained chatbots, and Speech to Text for transcribing audio. This comprehensive tool allows you to generate unique, high-quality, and SEO-friendly content for various use...
sharly ai
Summarize long documents and simplify complex PDFs with AI Chat
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support, AI Research, Document
Sharly AI is an advanced AI-powered platform that transforms the way you interact with documents and PDFs. It swiftly distills essential information from various formats, providing concise, accurate summaries, making it the perfect solution for quickly extracting key points and enhancing efficiency and productivity. With Sharly AI, you can chat with documents, ask questions, get accurate summaries, and retrieve specific information instantly, as if you were having a conversation with your documents, making information retrieval...
Create chatbots with Google Sheets
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Chat, Data Automation, Spreadsheets
Botsheets is an AI chatbot platform that integrates with Google Sheets, allowing you to create custom GPT chatbots that read and write data to Google Sheets. It solves the challenge of managing and capturing data from customer interactions, replacing traditional forms with AI-driven chatbots. With Botsheets, you can train AI to respond to inquiries, collect and capture data in a spreadsheet, and analyze data to gain insights. The platform also offers easy access to the...
taggo chat
Transform the way you create content with AI-powered tools
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support, AI Writing
Taggo Chat is an AI-powered chatbot solution that transforms the way you handle customer support, leaving your human agents free to focus on more complex tasks. It can handle common questions and issues, providing instant answers to any question, and ensuring your customers receive timely and accurate responses. The chatbot is designed to help you provide around-the-clock customer support, saving you time and effort while increasing your productivity and output. Revolutionize your customer support with...
Foster a vibrant workplace culture with AI
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Chat, Employee Engagement, HR
Triibe is an employee engagement and wellness platform that fosters a vibrant workplace culture by providing tools for recognition, feedback, and wellness tracking. With Triibe, every voice is heard, achievements are celebrated, and connections are meaningful. The platform offers a dynamic news feed for real-time updates, recognition features to elevate workplace morale, and feedback tools for actionable insights. Additionally, Triibe supports employee wellness through wellness challenges and tracking, nurturing a workplace that prioritizes the health...
Transform knowledge access and task automation effortlessly
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support, Knowledge Base
MindPal is an innovative AI-powered chatbot builder that revolutionizes the way you interact with knowledge sources and automate tasks. The platform empowers you to create and deploy customized chatbots effortlessly, providing a seamless experience for personal and professional use. With MindPal, you can integrate various knowledge sources, including websites, ebooks, PDFs, videos, and more, into your chatbots, ensuring a comprehensive knowledge base at your fingertips. Moreover, MindPal’s AI agents can be published as chatbots on...
Revolutionize customer support and lead generation
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support, Chatbot
Orimon is a conversational AI chatbot builder that empowers you to create and deploy industry-trained chatbots in under 2 minutes. The platform offers a swift, accurate HR chatbot to navigate company policies, ensuring a great day at work. Orimon provides instant customer support with direct answers or helpful links, making every interaction smooth and satisfactory. You can turn website visitors into fans by delivering precisely what they seek with efficient AI-driven sales chatbots....
Personalized AI chatbot for intelligent customer engagement
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support
Wizbot is an intelligent, customizable GPT chatbot designed to learn and adapt as it interacts with your customers. It turns every interaction into an opportunity for growth and customer satisfaction. You can customize Wizbot to match your brand, offering a unique chat experience that resonates with your ethos. Wizbot learns with every chat, evolving to deliver more precise answers and improve customer engagement. With seamless integration, Wizbot can boost your company’s customer service by providing...
Revolutionize your customer service with AI technology
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support, AI Email
Resolvebot is an AI-powered email customer service solution that revolutionizes your customer support interactions. It provides faster and more accurate responses to customer inquiries, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business. With Resolvebot, you can handle unlimited emails in all languages, customize the platform to suit your business needs, and enjoy free setup and customer service email. The AI chatbot feature ensures that your customers receive prompt and relevant responses, freeing...
Automate customer support and provide instant answers
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support, Knowledge Base
DocsBot AI is an advanced AI-powered chatbot platform that enables you to automate customer support and provide instant answers based on your training materials and documentation. The software offers a range of features, including question/answer bots for interactive documentation, embeddable widgets for easy website integration, and custom copywriting assistance for marketing content and blog posts. With DocsBot AI, you can index webpages, support docs, entire websites, and document files, and train your chatbots in minutes,...
Improve customer support and reduce expenses with AI chatbots
Software Categories: AI Chat, AI Customer Support
Chatcare revolutionizes customer support through the use of GPT-powered chatbots. Designed to optimize efficiency and reduce costs, Chatcare seamlessly transforms the way businesses engage with their customers. With its advanced AI, these chatbots deliver superior experiences by providing accurate and timely responses to customer inquiries. Whether you are operating an e-commerce platform or running a service-based company, Chatcare caters to businesses of all sizes and industries. It empowers you to streamline your customer support operations,...
Revolutionizing e-commerce with intuitive AI-powered shopping
Software Categories: AI, AI Chat, E-Commerce
Cartfuls is an innovative e-commerce platform that revolutionizes online shopping with its intuitive chat-based interface. It offers a unique AI-powered shopping experience, providing personalized interactions, smart analytics, and automated product sync. The platform’s 24/7 support automation ensures instant assistance for your customers, while the customizable storefront themes and automatic product image generator enhance your online store’s visual appeal. With various payment gateways, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe, and cryptocurrencies, Cartfuls ensures a seamless...
AI chatbots customized and trained based on your data
Software Categories: AI Chat, Chatbot, Customer Support, Knowledge Base
Chatboat is an advanced AI chatbot software that allows seamless integration with various applications, including Slack, Messenger, and WhatsApp. It caters to businesses of all sizes, educational institutes, healthcare providers, and ecommerce platforms, offering customized chatbot solutions for diverse needs. With Chatboat, users can effortlessly train AI-supported chatbots using their own data, whether in the form of documents, PDFs, or text, and deploy fully functional bots in minutes. The software supports more than 50 languages,...
my askai
Less time on customer support, more time on customer success
Software Categories: AI Chat, Customer Support, Knowledge Base, Live Chat
My AskAI is an innovative AI assistant platform that allows users to create personalized AI assistants by uploading company documentation, reports, and manuals. This enables instant answers to any question and can be embedded on websites or integrated with other apps and services. With features like multilingual support, secure data storage, and customizable AI assistants, My AskAI provides a comprehensive solution for streamlining processes and enhancing productivity. The platform’s ability to understand questions in multiple...
Custom ChatGPT for your website
Software Categories: AI Chat, Chatbot, ChatGPT, OpenAI
WebWhiz is a revolutionary AI chatbot solution that allows businesses to harness the power of ChatGPT for their websites. By training ChatGPT on your website data, WebWhiz creates a personalized AI chatbot capable of instantly addressing customer queries with precision and accuracy. With features like easy integration, data-specific responses, regular data updates, and customization, WebWhiz simplifies the process of introducing an AI assistant to your website. In addition, it offers a no-code builder and fine-tuning...
Chatwebby AI
Create customized AI chatbots on your data without any coding knowledge
Software Categories: AI Chat, Chatbot, Knowledge Base
ChatWebby AI is a groundbreaking chatbot builder that revolutionizes customer support and engagement. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, ChatWebby AI enables businesses to create dynamic chatbots that provide instant, accurate, and personalized responses to customer inquiries. With its intuitive interface, businesses can seamlessly integrate various data sources, including website content, FAQs, audios, and videos, to build chatbots with a comprehensive knowledge base. This empowers businesses to enhance customer satisfaction while reducing costs significantly. ChatWebby AI...
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