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27 Best AI Analytics Software in 2024

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AI technology empowers you to excel in your role
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Assistant
Lerno is an AI software that provides actionable insights from your customer interactions, empowering you to excel in your role. With Lerno, you can easily integrate your existing tools and enhance your sales performance, gaining data-driven insights to qualify your deals and drive improved sales performance. The platform’s cutting-edge AI technology ensures that you can make the most of your customer interactions, ultimately helping you excel in your role and drive better results for your...
Validate business ideas with advanced market research tool
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Data Analytics, Market Research
IdeaApe is an advanced AI market research tool that empowers you to validate your business ideas without needing to be a market research expert. The platform allows you to survey thousands of people instantly, monitor and listen to social media trends in real-time, and gain crucial insights to create a competitive edge in the fast-paced market. By using IdeaApe, you can discover niche keywords, take note of pain points, and build what your customers truly...
Performance reporting made easy
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Reporting
Reporfy is your AI-powered assistant for effortless report creation and collaboration. Say goodbye to tedious reporting processes and hello to beautifully designed, interactive reports. With Reporfy, you can easily track progress, share insights, and engage stakeholders—all in one centralized platform. Transform data chaos into actionable insights and foster a culture of transparency and collaboration within your team....
Centralize and simplify business data insights with AI
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Assistant, AI Productivity, Business Analytics
Blobr is an AI assistant that simplifies the process of understanding and utilizing your business data across various SaaS tools. It acts as a centralized intelligence layer, connecting to all your SaaS applications, including CRM, Google Analytics, and payment software, to reveal insights and patterns without requiring technical expertise. With Blobr, you can effortlessly consolidate and reconcile data from your diverse tools, receive actionable insights 100 times faster, and seamlessly integrate multiple apps without the...
Analyze feedback with AI to build better products
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Brand Monitoring, Feedback Management, Product Management
Kraftful is an AI product management tool that revolutionizes the way you gather and analyze user feedback. It enables you to effortlessly listen to millions of users in minutes, saving you countless hours of manual analysis. With Kraftful, you can instantly uncover user needs, generate feature requests, and gain valuable product insights. The platform provides a collaborative workspace for your team to share and prioritize user insights, as well as to create user stories with...
Simplify user interview analysis and gain actionable insights
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Customer Feedback, User Behaviour Analytics, UX Research
Userview is a user interview analysis tool that simplifies the process of gathering and synthesizing user insights. It allows you to upload audio or video recordings and receive interview reports in just 5 minutes, saving you valuable time. With Userview, you can benefit from accurate and complete user insights, customizable report templates, and an AI chat for asking questions and receiving suggestions. The platform also enables real-time collaboration, overcoming research bottlenecks, and keeping your team...
scandilytics ai
Gain deep insights into your business with advanced analytics
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Marketing Analytics
Scandilytics AI is an advanced analytics solution that empowers you to gain deep insights into your business performance and customer behavior. It provides comprehensive analysis of sales data, identifies anomalies, and generates easy-to-interpret performance reports. With its business and marketing AI, it offers tailored recommendations and strategies for growth optimization, guiding your financial decisions and automating marketing efforts. Scandilytics AI ensures data purity, providing clean and accurate data to enhance the reliability of your insights...
Simplify business finance management with AI-powered insights
Software Categories: Accounting, AI Analytics, Finance Management
Nuvio is an AI-powered platform designed to simplify business finance management by removing all the financial admin. It allows you to make informed decisions with ease, save operational costs, reduce your workload, and gain control of your finances. With customizable dashboards, real-time data, and an AI-powered assistant, Nuvio empowers you to tap into instant AI-powered insights, track all your bank accounts on a single dashboard, and predict future cash flow. Nuvio is the ultimate solution...
AI-powered review analysis for actionable insights
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Feedback Management, Review Management
EasyReview is an AI-powered review analysis platform that helps you gain valuable insights from customer feedback. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze review sentiment, categorize feedback, and provide actionable insights, allowing you to understand customer opinions and improve your services. With EasyReview, you can dive deep into customer feedback with advanced sentiment analysis, collect and organize reviews from multiple sources, and leverage AI algorithms to uncover key trends and patterns in your reviews. The platform...
kompas ai
Smart AI agents to sharpen your competitive edge
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Assistant, AI Chat, Business Analytics
Kompas AI is an advanced AI platform that excels in diverse tasks, such as strategy, analysis, marketing, HR, and writing, empowered by unrestricted iteration, advanced code interpreter, multisession support, and a query queuing system for complex demands. You can access cutting-edge AI agents that cater to a wide range of tasks, enabling you to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and improve productivity across different areas of your business. The platform’s advanced features and robust support...
A no-code monitoring and alerting solution for effortless data tracking
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Extraction, Data Monitoring
Rupert is a no-code monitoring and alerting solution that simplifies the process of tracking valuable metrics and events in your data warehouse. It allows you to set up proactive monitoring and send beautiful alerts to Slack without the need for SQL, code, or engineering. With Rupert, you can define metrics, craft trigger criteria, and enjoy seamless Slack integration, providing full flexibility and complete control over your monitoring. The platform also offers AI-assisted anomaly detection and...
Surface real customer pains from everyday customer communication
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Analytics, Feedback Management, Sentiment Analysis
Syncly is an AI-powered customer feedback analysis tool that helps you uncover hidden negative signals and prioritize real-time issues. With Syncly, you can centralize all your feedback, categorize it instantly, and take proactive actions based on real-time insights to elevate your customer experience. The platform offers dynamic sentiment analysis, hassle-free AI tagging, and easy-to-use reports for instant visualization of customer trends. By leveraging Syncly’s analysis, you can assess the top negative responses and focus precisely...
promptly ai
Build tailor-made generative AI agents, applications and chatbots
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Assistant, AI Automation, AI Chat
Promptly AI is an advanced platform that redefines automation, enabling you to transform your operational workflow and elevate your outreach strategy. It empowers you to automate mundane tasks, navigate web pages with unparalleled accuracy and speed, and execute tasks efficiently and effectively on a massive scale. With Promptly AI, you can unlock the full potential of web automation, personalize your outreach messages, and drive higher engagement and conversion rates. The platform seamlessly integrates with various...
Revolutionize your data understanding and utilization
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Productivity, Business Analytics
Daydream is an advanced analytics tool that transforms the way you understand and utilize your data. It brings your data to life, fostering collaboration, and enabling fast, reliable execution. With Daydream, you can connect data with discussions, enabling better decisions and a deeper understanding of your business at every level. It replaces fragmented reporting with a comprehensive organizational memory bank, providing full company visibility and seamless self-serve visibility on performance. Daydream is the ultimate tool...
Create your data pipelines 10x faster by mapping data in seconds
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Data Automation, Data Mapping
Lumen is an AI-powered data mapping platform that revolutionizes the way you handle data integration and transformation. It solves the challenge of creating and maintaining data pipelines by automating the mapping process and adapting to changes in your source data or target models. With Lumen, you can effortlessly handle complex data mappings, detect changes in your data, and confidently deploy mappers for future data. Lumen empowers you to automate data mappings using AI, create and...
Create chatbots with Google Sheets
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Chat, Data Automation, Spreadsheets
Botsheets is an AI chatbot platform that integrates with Google Sheets, allowing you to create custom GPT chatbots that read and write data to Google Sheets. It solves the challenge of managing and capturing data from customer interactions, replacing traditional forms with AI-driven chatbots. With Botsheets, you can train AI to respond to inquiries, collect and capture data in a spreadsheet, and analyze data to gain insights. The platform also offers easy access to the...
Transform your data analysis with AI-powered insights
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Automation, Spreadsheets
Equals is a next-generation spreadsheet that revolutionizes the way you work with data. It allows you to query, analyze, and report on live data from various sources, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions. With Equals, you can auto-expand datasets, update calculations and charts, and schedule queries to keep your data up to date. The software also offers a range of features such as AI Assist, query versioning, and intelligently automated...
Foster a vibrant workplace culture with AI
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Chat, Employee Engagement, HR
Triibe is an employee engagement and wellness platform that fosters a vibrant workplace culture by providing tools for recognition, feedback, and wellness tracking. With Triibe, every voice is heard, achievements are celebrated, and connections are meaningful. The platform offers a dynamic news feed for real-time updates, recognition features to elevate workplace morale, and feedback tools for actionable insights. Additionally, Triibe supports employee wellness through wellness challenges and tracking, nurturing a workplace that prioritizes the health...
Instant data analysis to uncover valuable Salesforce insights
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Sales Automation, Sales Intelligence
Myko is an AI-powered conversational tool designed to provide instant insights and streamline data analysis for your business. It solves the challenge of understanding and analyzing complex data between your dashboards, offering real-time data about team performance, deal inspection, and goal tracking for sales managers and revenue operations. The platform also offers seamless team collaboration by allowing you to work with your team to monitor pipeline directly in Slack and interact with Myko AI Chat...
Transform your data into actionable insights effortlessly
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Data Automation, Marketing Reporting
Tablize is an AI-powered platform that transforms your data sources into dashboards effortlessly, revolutionizing your data experience. With Tablize, you can generate sales reports and create free dashboards with ease. The platform offers a seamless way to convert your data into visually appealing dashboards, allowing you to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. Additionally, Tablize provides a range of table formatting options, making it easy to present your data in various formats such as...
sphinx mind
Transform your marketing with AI-powered insights
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Reporting
Sphinx Mind is an AI-powered marketing assistant chatbot that integrates with various marketing platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and more. It allows you to engage in real-time chats directly with your marketing data, providing AI-powered reports, visualizations, and optimization tools. With Sphinx Mind, you can obtain real-time data from your accounts across major marketing platforms, anticipate questions, and receive prompt scheduling for automated analysis. The platform also offers chat exports, seamless integration...
Empower your strategic decision-making with rapid insights
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Business Analytics, Market Research, Marketing Reporting
Osum is an AI-powered market research tool designed to provide instant and comprehensive insights for strategic decision-making. It offers detailed reports, SWOT analysis, buyer personas, and growth opportunities, empowering you to make informed choices and prioritize strategy and execution effectively. Osum’s rapid research capabilities enable you to stay agile in dynamic markets and respond promptly to emerging trends and opportunities. By emphasizing instant access to critical information, Osum equips businesses to make well-informed decisions and...
Unlock insights and drive informed decisions using natural language queries
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Analytics
Veezoo is an advanced self-service analytics solution designed to transform the way professionals approach data analysis. Veezoo empowers businesses in diverse industries to make data-driven decisions effortlessly by simply asking questions in plain English. With Veezoo, you no longer need to rely on complex coding or extensive training to extract valuable insights from your business data. The software revolutionizes the analytics process by providing you with a natural language interface that understands your queries, translating...
Gain valuable insights from your data with AI-assisted analysis
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Data Visualisation
ChartPixel is a powerful software solution designed to facilitate data analysis and visualization for professionals across various industries. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, it offers an efficient way to generate insightful charts and gain valuable insights from your data in just 30 seconds. ChartPixel goes beyond traditional visualization tools by providing you with comprehensive data analysis capabilities. Regardless of your skill level, this software equips you with the tools needed to analyze complex...
genie ai
Streamline data analysis and visualization with AI
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Assistant, Business Analytics
Genie AI is an AI data assistant that empowers business users to query and visualize their data without the hassle of complex SQL, harnessing the power of AI to analyze, summarize, and visualize data without the need for complex SQL requirements. The platform has been lauded for increasing productivity and streamlining operations, as it has automated data analytics processes, streamlined manual tasks, and saved valuable time for developers, allowing the team to focus on strategic...
Supercharge your campaigns with AI-powered ad creation
Software Categories: AI Analytics, AI Writing, Content Creation, Paid Advertising
Zocket is an AI-powered ad creation platform that offers seamless customer engagement, advanced optimization, and real-time insights. With features such as AI-powered ad creation, smart ad targeting, and real-time insights, Zocket empowers businesses to effortlessly create captivating and effective ads, supercharging their campaigns. Trusted by top brands and loved by customers, Zocket’s ad policy checker and targeting AI have received positive feedback from businesses, resulting in improved ad performance and audience targeting. ...
Unleash the power of real-time insights
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Data Analytics, Marketing Reporting
Findly is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the process of extracting insights from Google Analytics 4 data. The platform offers a range of features, including an AI interface that processes queries, dives into GA4 data, and provides tailored visualizations, enabling seamless and efficient data analysis. Findly’s AI-driven tool ensures that users can effortlessly ask for specific reports, eliminating the need for manual exploration and simplifying the data analysis process. The platform also allows for...
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