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VEED Review

Are you a content creator, marketer, or teacher in search of a streamlined solution to your video editing needs? Perhaps you’re spending too much time grappling with complex software just to trim a video or add subtitles. If this sounds like your experience, it’s time to meet VEED!

What is VEED? VEED is an online video editing platform that aims to make the process of creating high-quality videos as simple as possible. It allows you to record, edit, and share videos directly from your browser, eliminating the need for bulky downloads and complicated interfaces. VEED comes packed with features ranging from subtitle addition and filter application to clip trimming and more. It’s the perfect tool for crafting engaging social media content, promotional videos, educational materials, or corporate communications.

Our opinion about VEED? 🌟 It’s truly an oasis in the desert of video editing! 🎬 VEED manages to simplify the often daunting task of video editing, saving you not only time but also unnecessary stress. This platform puts the fun back into the process, making it something to look forward to rather than a chore. With VEED, video editing feels less like a mountain to climb and more like a hill to stroll! 🚀

VEED revolutionizes video editing by offering a user-friendly platform packed with powerful features, making content creation a breeze for everyone.


Transform complex video editing tasks into simple, enjoyable processes with an intuitive, user-friendly interface
Enjoy the flexibility of recording, editing, and sharing videos directly from your browser, eliminating the need for heavy software downloads
Leverage powerful features like automatic caption generation and simultaneous screen and webcam recording to create engaging content
Cater to a global audience with ease, thanks to support for various video formats and automatic translation capabilities

VEED is a cutting-edge video editing platform designed for everyone – from beginners to professionals. It’s an all-in-one tool that allows you to record, edit, and share videos with ease. Whether you want to create engaging social media content, educational videos, or promotional ads, VEED provides a comprehensive suite of features to help you achieve professional-level results. With, you can add subtitles, apply filters, trim clips, and much more – all within a user-friendly interface.

VEED isn’t just about making video editing accessible; it’s about empowering creativity. Its powerful features are complemented by its versatility, offering a wide range of applications across different sectors. You can utilize VEED to create sleek intros and outros, generate eye-catching memes, make promo videos, and even design video ads. All these capabilities make VEED an invaluable tool for individuals and businesses looking to harness the power of video.

For marketers, VEED serves as an essential tool in their arsenal. Marketing professionals can leverage VEED’s easy-to-use video maker to create captivating promo videos and video ads. This not only enhances their marketing campaigns but also helps in boosting brand visibility and engagement rates. Moreover, with VEED’s meme maker, marketers can tap into current trends, creating shareable content that resonates with their audience.

In the realm of education, VEED is changing how knowledge is disseminated. Teachers and educators can use VEED to make education videos, explainer videos, and training videos. These resources offer a dynamic and interactive learning experience, making complex concepts easier to understand. Subtitles can be added to ensure accessibility, allowing learners with hearing impairments to benefit from these educational tools.

Businesses across industries can also benefit from Sales teams can use it to create compelling pitch videos, while HR departments can use the platform to create engaging onboarding videos for new hires. Furthermore, companies can leverage VEED’s corporate video capabilities to improve internal communication, promote their brand, and even provide training for their employees. The possibilities with VEED are endless, making it a must-have tool for any business in the digital age.

VEED Features

Unleash Creativity with VEED's Video Filters

Add a touch of magic to your videos with VEED’s range of stunning filters. Whether you’re creating a nostalgic look with a sepia tone or giving your video a modern edge with high-contrast colors, VEED’s filters have got you covered. They’re easy to apply and adjust, so you can get the perfect look every time. Beyond enhancing the aesthetics, these filters can also set the mood or tone of your video. A well-chosen filter can make your content more engaging, memorable, and effective in conveying your message. With VEED’s filters, the only limit is your imagination.

Subtitle Videos with Ease and Efficiency

VEED’s subtitle feature allows you to add captions to your videos quickly and efficiently. You can manually type in subtitles, or let VEED’s auto-subtitle feature do the work for you. This feature is especially useful for making your content more accessible and engaging to a wider audience. Subtitles not only help viewers who may be hard of hearing, but they also make it easier for everyone to follow along, especially in noisy environments or when watching without sound. Plus, with VEED’s automatic translation feature, you can easily cater to an international audience.

Trim and Cut with Precision

With VEED’s trimming tool, you can cut your videos down to the perfect length. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to make precise cuts and trims with just a few clicks. Whether you’re removing unwanted footage or cutting a video down to meet social media platform requirements, VEED makes it simple. A well-edited video keeps your viewers engaged and ensures your message gets across clearly and effectively. With VEED’s trimming tool, you have full control over your video’s duration and can ensure every second counts.

Add Text and Images for Extra Impact

VEED lets you add text and images directly onto your videos. This feature allows you to add titles, annotations, logos, or any other image that enhances your content. It’s an excellent way to emphasize key points, brand your content, or add extra context to your videos. With a variety of fonts, colors, and styles at your disposal, you can customize your text to perfectly match your brand or message. The ability to add images offers even more possibilities for customization and creativity.

Record Screen and Webcam Simultaneously

VEED’s screen and webcam recording feature is a boon for tutorial and demonstration videos. You can record your screen and yourself at the same time, making it easier to guide your audience through complex processes or provide personalized commentary. This feature is particularly beneficial for educators, trainers, and influencers. It allows you to create a more personal connection with your audience, making your content more engaging and effective.

Speed Control for Creative Flexibility

VEED’s speed control feature offers you the flexibility to speed up or slow down your videos. This is particularly useful for creating time-lapse videos, slow-motion scenes, or simply emphasizing certain parts of your video. By manipulating the speed of your video, you can highlight important moments, create dramatic effects, or make your content more engaging. Whether you want to speed through a long process or slow down for a detailed explanation, VEED gives you the control.

Automatic Caption Generation for Accessibility

VEED’s automatic caption generation feature is a valuable tool for making your content more accessible. It uses advanced technology to accurately transcribe your video’s audio into text, making your content more user-friendly for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. In addition to improving accessibility, captions can also boost engagement, as viewers are more likely to watch a video to the end if it has subtitles. VEED makes it easy to add this valuable feature to your videos.

Merge Videos Seamlessly with VEED

VEED makes it incredibly easy to merge multiple videos into one seamless clip. Whether you’re combining different shots of a vlog or compiling highlights from an event, VEED’s video merging tool is up to the task. Simply upload your clips, arrange them in your preferred order, and let VEED do the rest. The final product is a smooth, uninterrupted video that tells your story just the way you want. With VEED’s intuitive interface, even beginners can merge videos like a pro.

Add Soundtracks to Amplify Your Message

VEED allows you to add music or other audio tracks to your videos. This feature brings a new dimension to your content, helping to set the mood, emphasize key points, or simply make your videos more enjoyable to watch. You can upload your own audio files, or choose from VEED’s library of royalty-free music. A well-chosen soundtrack can elevate your video from good to great. Whether it’s a lively tune for a travel vlog, a dramatic score for a short film, or a voiceover for a tutorial, VEED makes it easy to find the perfect sound for your vision.

VEED Pricing


Free Plan


Features included
Unlimited 720p exports with a watermark
Create videos up to 10 mins long
30 minutes of subtitles per month
5 minutes of subtitle translation

Basic Plan

Deal available


Features included
Remove our watermark from your videos
Export in 1080p video quality and up to 25 minutes long
720 minutes of subtitles
60 minutes of subtitle translation per user
5 minutes of subtitle translation per user

Pro Plan

Deal available


Features included
Remove our watermark from your videos
1,440 minutes of subtitles
180 minutes of subtitle translation per user
Library of stock audio, stock video and templates
AI editing tools like clean audio and text-to-speech

Business Plan

Deal available


Features included
240 minutes of AI Avatars
8,000 minutes of subtitles
360 minutes of subtitle translation per user
Custom Templates
Add clickable links to your videos
Video Analytics
4k video exports
Deal available


The fastest and easiest way to make professional-quality videos.

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