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Are you a software developer or engineering manager struggling to keep documentation up-to-date and easily accessible? If so, it’s time to dive into the world of Swimm! ๐ŸŠ

What is Swimm? Swimm is a cutting-edge code documentation platform that integrates seamlessly with your development environment, making it easier than ever to create, maintain, and discover internal documentation. This innovative tool bridges the gap between low-level and high-level documentation, providing guided walkthroughs of your codebase, complete with code snippets and explanations of recurring patterns and interactions. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Swimm ensures that your team’s valuable knowledge is preserved, organized, and always in sync with your code. ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ’ป

Our opinion about Swimm: We believe that Swimm is an essential tool for modern software development teams looking to boost productivity and collaboration. It not only simplifies the documentation process but also encourages a culture of knowledge sharing within the team. By using Swimm, you’ll find that managing code documentation becomes less of a chore and more of a delight. So, if you’re searching for a solution to tame the documentation beast, Swimm might just be the answer you’ve been looking for! ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿš€

Swimm Categories

Categories based on features & services
Swimm empowers modern development teams with a seamless code documentation platform that boosts productivity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.


Streamline code documentation with seamless IDE integration and real-time collaboration
Enhance team productivity by keeping documentation consistently up-to-date with the Auto-sync feature
Accelerate developer onboarding with guided Walkthrough Documentation and curated Documentation Playlists
Improve knowledge sharing and maintain documentation consistency using customizable templates
Simplify version control and collaboration with Git integration for your documentation

Swimm is a revolutionary code documentation platform designed to streamline the creation, maintenance, and discovery of internal documentation within your development environment. By integrating seamlessly with popular IDEs and source-code management systems, Swimm allows developers to work efficiently with high-quality documentation right alongside their code. With its powerful editor, patented Auto-sync feature, and user-friendly interface, Swimm aims to transform the way engineering teams manage knowledge about their codebase.

Elevate your team’s productivity and collaboration with Swimm’s innovative features, such as Documentation Playlists and Walkthrough Documentation. These tools help bridge the gap between low-level and high-level documentation, providing a guided tour of your codebase with code snippets and explanations of recurring patterns and interactions. Swimm ensures that your team’s valuable knowledge is preserved, easily accessible, and always up-to-date, making it an essential tool for modern software development teams.

Swimm caters to various user types and use cases, making it a versatile solution for diverse needs in the software development process. Some key user types include engineering managers, software developers, and technical writers, each benefiting from Swimm’s unique features to create and maintain documentation efficiently.

One primary use case for Swimm is onboarding new developers. The platform’s Walkthrough Documentation and Documentation Playlists guide new team members through the codebase, helping them understand code architecture, design decisions, and recurring patterns. This accelerated onboarding process enables new developers to start contributing faster and reduces the time spent by senior team members on training and support.

Another use case for Swimm is in scaling companies with rapidly growing development teams. As the codebase and team size expand, keeping documentation up-to-date becomes increasingly challenging. Swimm’s Auto-sync feature ensures that documentation remains in sync with code changes, reducing maintenance efforts and minimizing the risk of outdated information. This feature, combined with Swimm’s ease of use and integration with popular development tools, makes it an invaluable asset for scaling engineering teams.

Swimm Features

Seamless IDE Integration: Enhance Productivity with In-Context Docs

Swimm’s seamless integration with popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code and JetBrains allows developers to access documentation directly within their development environment. This in-context approach eliminates the need for constant context-switching between various apps and files, enabling developers to focus on their code while still having easy access to relevant documentation.

The IDE integrations also make it simple to create and update documentation alongside your code. With Swimm’s rich text editor, you can select code elements, add them to the document, and create engaging documentation in no time. This streamlined process ensures that your team’s valuable knowledge is preserved and easily accessible.

Auto-sync Feature: Keep Documentation Consistently Up-to-Date

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining code documentation is keeping it up-to-date as the codebase evolves. Swimm’s patented Auto-sync feature addresses this issue by automatically detecting changes that affect existing documentation and updating the docs accordingly.

This feature not only saves time and effort but also ensures that your team always has access to accurate and current information. By reducing the risk of outdated documentation, Swimm helps prevent misunderstandings and promotes better collaboration within your team.

Walkthrough Documentation: Guided Tours of Your Codebase

Swimm introduces a unique approach to code documentation with its Walkthrough Documentation feature. This type of documentation fills the gap between low-level and high-level documentation by taking readers on a guided tour of the codebase, complete with code snippets and explanations of recurring patterns and interactions between different blocks of code.

Walkthrough Documentation is invaluable for onboarding new developers, saving time in scaling companies, and serving as a helpful reference for future use. By providing a comprehensive understanding of code patterns and processes, Swimm’s Walkthrough Documentation helps developers become more efficient and effective in their work.

Documentation Playlists: Curated Collections for Easy Navigation

Swimm’s Documentation Playlists offer an easy-to-use solution for organizing and navigating documentation that spans one or more repositories. Playlists are collections of documents, links, videos, Markdown files, and images stored in a specific order, making it simple to find and access relevant information.

These curated playlists are perfect for onboarding new team members, product and feature planning, on-call processes, and variable and parameter tracking. Creating and maintaining Playlists is straightforward, and progress is automatically saved for each user, making it easy to pick up where you left off.

Collaborative Editing: Work Together on Docs in Real Time

Swimm fosters collaboration within your team by offering real-time collaborative editing capabilities. This feature allows multiple team members to work on the same document simultaneously, making it easy to share ideas, provide feedback, and iterate on documentation together.

With Swimm’s collaborative editing, your team can create high-quality documentation more efficiently, ensuring that everyone’s knowledge and insights are captured and shared effectively.

Git Integration: Version Control for Your Documentation

Swimm integrates with Git, providing version control for your documentation. This integration ensures that any changes made to your documents are tracked and can be easily reverted if necessary. By maintaining a history of your documentation, Swimm enables your team to keep track of updates and modifications over time.

This Git integration also makes it simpler to collaborate on documentation, as team members can work on different branches and merge their changes when ready, just like they would with code.

Customizable Templates: Streamline Documentation Creation

To help teams maintain consistency and streamline the documentation creation process, Swimm offers customizable templates. These templates can be tailored to your team’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring that all documentation follows a consistent format and style.

By using Swimm’s templates, your team can save time and effort in creating documentation while maintaining a professional and cohesive look across all documents. This consistency makes it easier for developers to navigate and understand the documentation, ultimately improving collaboration and productivity.

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1 private repo
Up to 5 users
30 verification tests per month

Small Teams Plan

Small Teams

Features included
25 seats
Unlimited repos
100 verification tests
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Move knowledge fast. Develop faster.
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