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Turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly.

Scribe is a powerful documentation platform that helps organizations streamline their operations, customer-facing teams, sales operations, HR & L&D, and IT teams. With its easy-to-use interface, rich features, and competitive pricing, Scribe has everything you need to enhance your team’s productivity and streamline your business processes.

Operations teams can easily identify gaps in their processes with Scribehow. It allows them to create process documentation, training materials, and knowledge bases to reduce the need for human intervention. With quick access to detailed documentation, teams can reduce errors and keep their workflows consistent. Scribe reduces the time and money spent on training, onboarding, and upskilling employees. Additionally, Scribe can be used to document compliance requirements to avoid legal issues with governing systems.

Customer-facing teams deal with customers every day, and it’s crucial that they know the company’s products, services, and processes. With Scribe, training materials and knowledge bases can be created and updated in real-time, ensuring that everyone has access to accurate information. This will help customer-facing teams to resolve customer issues quickly, leading to high customer satisfaction rates. Additionally, Scribe helps to personalize customer interactions by storing customer information, which helps in better understanding and meeting customer needs.

Scribe enables Sales Operations teams to create detailed product and service guides that can help Sales teams have a better understanding of what they are selling. Information such as features, how-to’s, demos, and case studies can be incorporated to provide Sales teams with the right resources. Additionally, sales enablement features like email templates, call scripts, and workflows can be added, which helps in speeding up the sales cycle process and reducing the ramp-up time for new hires.

Scribe is also an ideal platform for HR & L&D teams to create, store and distribute the new employee onboarding, HR policies, procedures, and documentation. The platform eliminates the need to create and maintain multiple policy and procedure manuals, providing one central and automated point of access. The platform can help the team increase transparency by providing all employees with easy access to information that might previously have been known only by select team members.

Documenting technical and IT processes is critical for IT Teams to ensure they can handle any future challenges that crop up. Scribe’s platform allows IT teams to create detailed technical documentation, support knowledge bases, and reference guides of their knowledge, processes, and systems. Doing so enables IT teams to efficiently tackle support and service requests while maintaining good relationships with customers.

Scribe is revolutionizing the way companies work, streamlining operations teams, IT teams, support teams, and more. Its features help teams maintain consistency and efficiency in their processes while increasing overall productivity. Scribe is an affordable and easy to use way of enabling self-sufficiency while providing a central location for your company’s knowledge base.

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Features included
Unlimited guides
Unlimited Pages
Works with any web app
Quick customization
Shareable with link or embed anywhere

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Features included
Everything in Basic
Works with any web or desktop app
Branded guides
Customizable screenshots
Export to Confluence, HTML & Markdown
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Turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly.
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