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Are you a professional struggling with noisy calls or a content creator battling to make your voice heard amidst the cacophony of unwanted sounds? Well, it’s time to wave goodbye to those audio woes and say hello to clarity with CrystalSound! 🎉

What is CrystalSound? CrystalSound is an AI-powered tool that stands as a beacon of hope for people seeking crystal clear audio. This tool is designed to eliminate all that is unnecessary from your audio, leaving only what matters – your voice. It works its magic on calls, online meetings, and recordings, ensuring that your voice rings loud and clear, free from any distractions. With its unique feature “My Voice Only”, it removes other voices and unwanted noise, providing you with superior audio quality. 🎙️✨

Our opinion about CrystalSound: This tool is a remarkable asset for anyone dealing with audio. It’s like having a personal sound engineer at your fingertips, ready to enhance your audio anytime, anywhere. Its ability to cut through the noise and leave only your voice is nothing short of impressive. For professionals, it ensures effective communication. For content creators, it promises high-quality audio. And for customer service centers, it guarantees customer satisfaction. In the realm of audio, CrystalSound certainly hits the right notes! 🎵👏

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Categories based on features & services
CrystalSound is an AI-powered audio enhancement tool designed to deliver superior sound quality for all your communication needs.


Enjoy crystal clear audio in every call or recording, thanks to advanced noise removal capabilities.
Amplify the clarity and comprehensibility of your voice, even in noisy environments.
Experience high-definition sound quality that showcases the natural richness of your voice.
Say goodbye to audio dropouts with innovative audio loss concealment technology.
Seamlessly integrate superior audio quality into your favorite communication apps for enhanced communication.

CrystalSound is an AI-powered audio editing tool that serves as your ultimate partner for clear and effective communication. This state-of-the-art tool leverages advanced algorithms to remove unwanted noise and distractions during calls, recordings, and online meetings. CrystalSound’s unique features such as bidirectional noise removal, clarity improvement, HD voice enablement, audio loss concealment, acoustic/room echo suppression, and personalized audio enhancement are designed to deliver high-quality audio recordings.

A standout feature is CrystalSound’s “My Voice Only.” This premium offering eliminates all unnecessary noise and voices, leaving only the user’s voice in the recording. Compatible with various communication applications, it ensures seamless integration into any existing setup, making CrystalSound an indispensable tool for anyone seeking superior sound quality.

CrystalSound is a versatile tool that caters to a broad range of users. For professionals conducting online meetings or webinars, the tool ensures that their voice is heard clearly, without any disruptions from background noise or echo. CrystalSound’s bidirectional noise removal and clarity improvement features can significantly enhance the quality of these virtual interactions, leading to more productive discussions and successful collaborations.

For content creators, producing high-quality audio is paramount. Whether it’s for a podcast, YouTube video, or an online course, CrystalSound’s HD voice enablement and personalized audio enhancement features allow creators to deliver crystal clear audio content to their audience. The “My Voice Only” feature is particularly beneficial for content creators working in noisy environments, as it ensures only their voice is captured, creating a professional audio experience.

CrystalSound Features

Bidirectional Noise Removal: Unleash the Power of Clarity

Bidirectional noise removal is one of CrystalSound’s standout features that takes your audio quality to a whole new level. This feature works by eliminating unnecessary noise from both ends of a call or recording, ensuring that only the important bits get through. Whether it’s the sound of traffic in the background or a dog barking next door, this feature ensures your voice is heard loud and clear.

By cleaning up audio streams from both ends, it significantly enhances the clarity and comprehensibility of your conversations. This is particularly useful for professionals who need to conduct important meetings in less than ideal environments, or for content creators who want their message to reach their audience without any distractions.

Clarity Improvement: Amplify Your Voice, Not the Noise

Clarity improvement is another innovative feature offered by CrystalSound. It focuses on enhancing the intelligibility of your voice while minimizing any background noise. This feature ensures that your voice doesn’t just get heard, but also understood, which is crucial for effective communication.

With the clarity improvement feature, every word you say will be crisp and clear, regardless of the environment you’re in. This can be a game-changer for online meetings, webinars, or even customer service calls where every word counts.

HD Voice Enablement: Broadcast Yourself in High Definition

CrystalSound’s HD voice enablement feature takes your audio quality up a notch. It works by enhancing the natural characteristics of your voice, making it sound more distinct and lifelike. With this feature, your voice will not only be clear but also rich and full-bodied.

The HD voice enablement makes a world of difference for content creators, podcasters, and professionals alike. By delivering crystal clear audio, it ensures that your audience can focus on what you’re saying, rather than how you’re sounding.

Audio Loss Concealment: No More Missing Pieces

Audio loss concealment is a feature designed to handle the common problem of lost audio packets during online communications. It works by predicting and replacing the lost parts with high-quality audio, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted communication.

This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals conducting online meetings or webinars. By preventing audio dropouts, it guarantees a smooth and consistent audio experience for all participants, no matter their internet connection.

Acoustic Echo Suppression: Say Goodbye to Echoes

Acoustic echo can be a major distraction during calls or recordings. CrystalSound’s acoustic echo suppression feature tackles this problem head-on by identifying and eliminating any echo in your audio.

By suppressing echoes, this feature ensures your voice is heard clearly without any annoying repetitions. This is especially useful for people working in large, empty spaces that are prone to producing echo.

Personalized Audio Enhancement: Tailored to Your Needs

CrystalSound’s personalized audio enhancement feature allows you to customize your audio settings according to your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a heavier bass or a sharper treble, this feature gives you the control to shape your audio as you see fit.

By offering personalized audio enhancement, CrystalSound ensures that your audio not only sounds good to others, but also to you. This feature brings a level of customization that is rare to find, making your audio experience truly unique.

"My Voice Only": A Spotlight on Your Voice

The “My Voice Only” feature is a premium offering from CrystalSound that isolates your voice and eliminates all other sounds. This feature is perfect for those moments when you want your voice to be the sole focus of your audio.

Whether you’re a content creator recording in a noisy environment or a professional conducting a meeting from a bustling café, “My Voice Only” ensures that your voice stands out, clear and unambiguous.

Compatibility with Various Communication Apps: Seamless Integration, Endless Possibilities

One of CrystalSound’s most practical features is its compatibility with various communication apps. Whether you’re using Zoom, Skype, Teams, or any other platform, CrystalSound integrates smoothly, enhancing your audio without disrupting your workflow.

This feature opens up a world of possibilities for users. Regardless of the platform you use for communication, you can enjoy the superior audio quality that CrystalSound offers, making it an indispensable tool for anyone seeking clear and effective communication.

CrystalSound Pricing


Starter Plan


Features included
My Voice Only function to suppress other people's voices (trial)
Howling effect removal (trial)
Bi-directional best-in-class noise reduction
Audio file enhancement
High-definition stereo voice (48 kHz, 2 channel)
Low CPU consumption
Room echo removal
Acoustic echo suppression
Funny voice effects
Speaker’s noise reduction level
Low speech distortion
Starting from 90 free minutes/day, extend by inviting friends

Premium Plan

Deal available


Features included
Everything in Starter
My Voice Only!
Howling effect removal
Enhanced noise reduction
Enhanced room echo removal
Choppiness reduction for incoming voices
No time limit per day
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Deal available


Where only your voice matters

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