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Are you a freelancer or agency struggling with digital asset management? Are you drowning in a sea of files and folders, struggling to keep track of everything? We feel your pain – it’s like trying to keep a tidy room with a toddler running around! Well, cue the heroic music because we have a digital asset management solution that will save the day: BrandBay! 💪

So what exactly is BrandBay? It’s a platform that simplifies and streamlines digital asset management for freelancers and agencies of all sizes. Think of it as your personal assistant, tirelessly organizing, categorizing, and distributing your files with ease. With advanced search and tagging features, finding the right file is as easy as finding Waldo in a comic book – only without the stripes! And with customizable access controls and reporting tools, sharing and tracking your files has never been easier.

So, what’s our opinion about BrandBay? It’s a lifesaver – seriously, we’re not exaggerating! As a freelancer or agency, your time is precious, and you can’t afford to waste it searching for files or juggling with version control. BrandBay makes it easy and effortless, giving you more time to focus on your creative work, impressing clients, and building your business.

So, throw away the headache pills and say hello to BrandBay – your new buddy for digital asset management! 💻❤️

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Discover the ultimate convenience of - the Instant Access, Multi-Brand DAM System that helps you quickly reference brand-kit colors, logos, videos, files and more.


Organize your digital assets and enhance your workflow with BrandBay's advanced management system
Save time finding your digital assets and focus on your core operations
Customize your branding and access settings for multiple clients and projects
Collaborate with your teams and clients seamlessly using BrandBay's collaborative features

BrandBay is an Instant Access, Multi-Brand Digital Asset Management System that makes it easy to store, organize, host and share digital assets. With BrandBay, you can quickly reference brand-kit colors, logos, videos, files and more all from one convenient place. It’s the perfect tool for managing multiple brand identities in one clean place so you have each of that brand’s core assets at your fingertips.

BrandBay is a great tool for any business or organization looking to manage their digital assets in one convenient place. Whether you’re a small business with limited resources or a large corporation with multiple brands and teams, BrandBay can help streamline your workflow and make sure everyone has access to the right materials when they need them.

For marketing teams, BrandBay offers an easy way to keep track of all your branding materials in one spot so you don’t have to search through emails or folders every time you need something. You can also easily share assets with team members or clients with just a few clicks.

Designers will appreciate the ability to quickly find colors and logos without having to search through multiple files or folders. And developers will love how easy it is to access code snippets and other technical documents without having to dig through emails or chat threads.

BrandBay Features

Securely Store and Manage Your Digital Assets

BrandBay is a digital asset management system that allows users to store, organize, host, and share their digital assets.

With BrandBay, users can securely store all of their digital assets in one place and manage them easily.

The platform also features advanced security protocols to ensure the safety of your data.

You can use variety of tools to help you organize your assets such as folders, collections, tags, and more.

Find What You Need Quickly with Advanced Search in BrandBay

The advanced search feature makes it easy for users to quickly find what they need from their digital asset library.

Users can also use keywords or filters to narrow down their search results.

Additionally, the intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to find the exact asset they are looking for.

Control Access Levels and Permissions with BrandBay

Have full control over who has access to their digital assets by setting up custom permissions levels for each user or group.

This ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information while still allowing other team members access to necessary resources.

Customize Your Branding

Create a consistent brand identity across all channels which helps build trust with customers and increase brand recognition.

This feature allows businesses to easily update their branding whenever needed without having to manually change each individual asset every time there is an update or change in branding guidelines.

Streamline Workflows with Collaboration Tools in Brandbay

Enable teams to work together on projects efficiently without having multiple versions of the same file floating around between different team members or departments.

This feature allows teams to streamline workflows by sharing files securely within the platform while still maintaining control over who has access at any given time.

BrandBay Pricing


Free Plan


Features included
1 Brand
1 Users/Clients
100MB Storage
Media Hosting

Basic Plan


Features included
5 Brands
2 Users/Clients
10GB Storage
Media Hosting

Pro Plan


Features included
20 Brands
5 Users/Clients
100GB Storage
Media Hosting

Agency Plan


Features included
1000 Brands
10 Users/Clients
2TB Storage
Media Hosting
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Store, edit and manage your digital assets and host your media
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