Incentivize Users to Actively Bring You New Traffic

PerkZilla Review

Communities have always been a proven way to grow an email list; however, the incentive factor has always been absent. The traditional way would be something like a raffle where people subscribe. Instead of waiting for a winner to be drawn off of a list, PerkZilla empowers visitors to compete against each other to win perks by completing the action you invite them to do.

PerkZilla is an incentivized word-of-mouth referral system that lets your users earn points for inviting their friends. Gamify your business so both the referrer and referee get a reward, increasing user engagement, and increasing average funnel value as customers by collecting user emails.

PerkZilla Lifetime Deal. Highlights:

👉 This deal is non-stackable
👉 Get lifetime access to PerkZilla for $199.00/lifetime

What’s included?

  • 5,000 Subscribers
  • 5 Campaigns
  • Single Website
  • All Campaign Types
  • Unlimited Automations
  • Advanced Fraud Detection with Active “Cheat” Prevention
  • Powerful Forms & Widgets
  • Performance Analytics
  • All Integrations and Future Updates​
PerkZilla Lifetime