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Looking to build trust with your customers and increase your online reputation? Look no further than Shoutout, the social proof tool that streamlines the process of collecting and curating customer testimonials. With Shoutout, you can easily show potential customers that your business is trustworthy and reputable, leading to increased conversions and a better bottom line.

But what makes Shoutout so effective? For one, Shoutout makes it easy to gather and display social proof. Whether it’s testimonials from happy customers or shoutouts on Twitter, you can import all your social proof into Shoutout and create a stunning display that shows your fans you care. And with customizable wall options, you can tweak the design to perfectly fit your brand and style.

But that’s just the beginning. Shoutout also offers a range of features that streamline the process of gathering social proof. With a slick form that makes sharing text or video testimonials a breeze, there’s no awkwardness involved in asking customers for their testimonials. And with separate workspaces for collecting, managing, and publishing testimonials, you can easily organize your social proof even if you have multiple products or services.

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Free Plan


Features included
1 workspace
Collect & publish 10 testimonials (video or text)
1 published wall
1 embed

Pro Plan


Features included
3 workspaces
Unlimited video & text testimonails
Unlimited embeds
Unlimited published walls
Custom Branding
Remove shoutout branding

Premium Plan


Features included
10 workspaces
Unlimited video & text testimonials
Unlimited embeds
Unlimited published walls
Custom Branding
Remove shoutout branding

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