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The best way to deliver online video and images

Publitio is the most comprehensive media asset management platform, designed to help you manage and optimize all of your digital assets. It gives creatives, developers, marketers, publishers, and video professionals full control over their media workflow. Publitio provides an intuitive way to store, organize, edit and deliver any type of media content with its integrated suite of powerful tools.

Publitio’s easy-to-use dashboard makes it simple to keep track of all your files in one place: from videos to images and audio – you can find them all here! Additionally, the cloud infrastructure allows for seamless collaboration between teams. Publitio also supports optimized delivery networks so your media will load quickly wherever it needs to go.

Publitio’s powerful media asset management capabilities allow you to transform your files on-the-fly with URL-based transformations. This includes transcoding, resizing, cropping, trimming, watermarking and quality adjustment. Plus, Publitio’s CDN integration helps cut down on latency and speeds up the time it takes for your files to be loaded in a website.

The analytics feature allows users to track performance of their assets across websites and platforms. Additionally, Publitio provides an advanced video player that is customizable and supports monetization as well as advertising features. To finish things off, Publitio also offers HLS streaming encryption which adds extra security for your videos.

Publitio Pricing


Premium Plan

Deal available
Lifetime Deal


Features included
50 GB storage space
100 GB monthly bandwidth
5 Players/AdTags/Watermarks
1 Custom CNAME's
Domain Level protection
HLS video encryption
Priority support

Business Plan

Deal available
Lifetime Deal


Features included
500 GB storage space
1000 GB monthly bandwidth
20 Players/AdTags/Watermarks
5 Custom CNAME's
Domain Level protection
HLS video encryption
2K/4K video support
Player statistics
Password protected content
Priority & Technical support
Backup to S3

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