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Hive is a project management platform for businesses of any size that are looking for an easy and efficient way to manage their projects. With Hive, users can track timelines, review team progress, assign tasks, and monitor goals with ease. Whether you’re managing complex projects or just need a simple task list to keep your teams on top of their work, Hive has the tools to help make it happen.

Hive is designed specifically with hybrid workspaces in mind; allowing you to collaborate with remote workers as if they were right next to you. It also offers visibility across different departments and teams so that everyone can stay informed on the progress of each project. Additionally, it provides powerful analytics insights into performance metrics so that managers can get a more accurate picture of how their teams are performing.

Hive also supports document and video proofing so users can make sure the work is up to standards before it’s released. It also offers customizable project views such as Gantt, Kanban, Calendar, Table view and more; allowing each user to select the best option for them. Plus, HiveMind powered notes help break through creative blocks with AI assistance that provides higher converting content in seconds.

No matter what your business needs, Hive has you covered. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, it makes managing projects quick and easy for everyone involved; whether you’re working in-house or remotely on a hybrid team.

Hive Pricing


Free Plan


Features included
500MB storage
Up to 10 users
Unlimited tasks
Unlimited collaborative notes
Gantt, Kanban, calendar & table views​
Email in Hive​
Desktop, iOS and Android apps​
Native chat messaging​
Custom emojis🍕​

Teams Plan


Features included
Everything in Free
Unlimited storage
Unlimited workspace members
Seven flexible add-ons (extra)
External guest access
Shareable forms
Time tracking
In-app calendar
Cloud storage integrations
Zoom and Slack from Hive

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