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Streamline your business workflow and discover new insights

Fibery is a powerful platform that helps businesses manage their workflows and connect their processes in one place. Unlike other rigid tools, Fibery allows teams to create their own structure using building blocks and fully customize their workflows to meet their unique needs. Whether you’re in software development, digital agency management, product management, or running a startup, Fibery can help you manage your backlogs, sprints, releases, development wikis, customer feedback, multiple projects, customer relations, finances, market research and much more. Fibery is designed to save companies money by consolidating most of their productivity tools into a single platform, while offering a seamless and collaborative experience for teams to work together towards their goals. With Fibery, you’ll have access to features such as customizable views, automation rules, templates, custom action buttons, bi-directional links, custom formulas, and integrations.

Fibery Pricing


Solo Plan


Features included
Version History: 90 days
Read-only users: 5

Standard Plan


Features included
Version History: 90 days
Read-only users: unlimited

Pro Plan


Features included
Version history: unlimited
Read-only users: unlimited
Group permissions
No Fibery branding on forms
Extra-caring support

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