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Dashly is a powerful all-in-one tool designed for businesses of all sizes that want to provide excellent customer service, convert more leads to sales, and retain their customers. It is a comprehensive platform that provides essential customer communication, sales, and marketing capabilities in one solution. Dashly is specifically designed to help businesses streamline their interactions with customers and manage their entire customer lifecycle with ease.

Dashly’s key feature is its live chat feature that offers real-time customer support and assistance to your customers. Whether a customer wants to make inquiries about a product, ask for clarification about a service, or just requires help navigating through your website, Dashly’s live chat feature ensures they receive prompt and helpful assistance. With the live chat feature, businesses can easily gather customer feedback, provide personalized recommendations to their customers, and resolve complaints.

Another useful feature of Dashly is the lead generation tool. With this tool, businesses can convert prospective customers into actual customers. Dashly enables businesses to capture leads directly from their website through forms, pop-up screens, and chatbots. The real-time tracking feature allows businesses to stay informed of their customer’s progress and tailor their sales approach to each customer based on their needs and preferences.

Marketing automation is another appealing feature of Dashly. Businesses can automate email marketing campaigns to target specific customer segments and customize them to meet their needs and preferences. It is a highly effective way to nurture leads and retain customers, boosting sales and revenue for businesses.

Dashly is also equipped with various analytics and reporting tools that allow businesses to track their performance effectively. Businesses can monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns, determine what works best for their customers, and optimize their strategies to improve results. This enables businesses to understand their customers better, improving engagement, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Dashly Pricing


Conversation Plan


Features included
1,000 website visitors/mo (increasable)
1 active leadbot
1 active triggered message
Live chat
Team inbox
Auto-replies during working and non-working hours
Visitors data tracking

Support Plan


Features included
Everything in Conversation
1,000 website visitors/mo (increasable)
2 active leadbots
3 active triggered messages
Team performance reports
Knowledge base with unlimited articles and SEO settings
Automated conversation assignment
Manual bulk campaigns

Marketing Plan


Features included
Everything in Conversation
1,000 website visitors/mo (increasable)
10 active leadbots
30 active triggered messages
A/B testing
Control groups
Visual email builder
Manual bulk campaigns

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