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Add universal search, smart nudges, and timely help content to your product with ease

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CommandBar is a powerful tool that allows you to create personalized experiences within your product without the need for any coding. With CommandBar, you can add universal search, smart nudges, and timely help content to your product.

The blazing-fast content and action search feature of CommandBar allows users to find features and content within your product quickly and easily. This enhances the user experience, making it more efficient and enjoyable for both new and power users.

Moreover, the tool offers multiple use cases, with HelpHub being one of them. It provides a whole new way to get in-app help by making your help content searchable within your product. Thanks to the AI smarts, users can find the answers they need, reducing support requests and increasing new user activation. The semantic search feature means users don’t have to memorize your app’s vocabulary, and they get instant answers to their queries directly.

CommandBar’s built-in integrations make it even more powerful by allowing you to plug in your existing tools to enhance the user experience. It has integrations with Algolia, Appcues, Intercom, Segment, WordPress, YouTube, and Zendesk.

CommandBar will help you develop a delightful user experience without any coding. Its user-friendly features and integrated tools allow you to create unique and personalized experiences for your users, increasing engagement, and satisfaction.

CommandBar Pricing


Free Plan


Features included
100 MAUs
1 Editor Seat
5 Nudges
2 Questlists
10 Commands
“Powered By” Branding

Starter Plan


Features included
2,500 MAUs
2 Editor Seats
Unlimited Nudges and Questlists
20 Commands
”Powered By” Branding
Manual Help Center Sync

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