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Certopus is a powerful platform for organizations looking to streamline their certificate issuance process. With Certopus, you can easily create and design high-quality certificates using our template engine, which includes a rich library of professionally designed templates. The platform also provides you with industry standard protocols like IPFS and hashing algorithm HMAC-SHA256 to ensure that your certificates are tamper-resistant.

Moreover, using Certopus can help you save time, money, and paper, while also increasing the reach of your business with easily accessible digital certificates. Its tamper-resistant verification process checks for the integrity of data, preventing fake certificate rackets that devalue your certificates. Additionally, the platform provides post-event analytics so you can better plan your future events.

Certopus also integrates seamlessly with your existing learning management systems and applications using integration platforms to provide a smooth certification process that won’t disrupt your current processes. With Certopus, designing certificates is made simple, and no prior knowledge is required.

Certopus Pricing


Basic Plan


Features included
3,000 Credentials
Verifiability Support
Premium Design Templates
Bulk Generation
Mass Mailing

Standard Plan


Features included
15,000 Credentials
Premium Design Templates
Bulk Generation
Mass Mailing

Professional Plan


Features included
Everything in Standard
30,000 Credentials
API Integrations
Premium Whitelabelling

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