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Introducing Castmagic – the revolutionary podcast content automation tool that will help you 10x your podcast content and save hours of manual work. Now you can streamline the entire post production process with AI-driven technology, creating ready-to-use assets for podcasts in just three simple steps.

Castmagic’s powerful platform generates timestamps, shownotes, summaries, social media posts, quotes & clips and more. All you need to do is upload an MP3 or paste a YouTube link; select the outputs you’d like to generate; and let Castmagic take care of the rest! With 18 languages supported including English, Dutch, French, German, Hindi and more – there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating content for your podcast.

And that’s not all, with Castmagic you can also utilize the ChatGPT feature to create custom prompts for your audio file without token limits – taking your context and creating any asset needed! This will take your podcast to a whole new level and make sure you get maximum engagement from listeners.

Say goodbye to tedious post production tasks and hello to Castmagic. Automate all the boring work, create meaningful assets for listeners, and spend less time on post-production processes–all with a few simple clicks of a button. Get ready for faster production cycles and increased audience engagement – thanks to Castmagic.

Castmagic Pricing


Hobby Plan


Features included
200 mins included
One Show
All Content Outputs

Starter Plan


Features included
500 mins included
One Show
All Content Outputs
Custom Prompts
Agency Support

Rising Star Plan

Rising Star

Features included
1500 mins included
Multiple Shows
API Access
Custom Prompts
Agency Support
Unlimited Prompts

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