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Diagnose traffic loss before performing technical SEO audit

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BeyondMe is a powerful SEO tool that helps you track, diagnose and analyze the traffic loss in your website. With BeyondMe, you can quickly determine if the traffic loss is due to crawling, rendering, indexing, ranking and/or content quality issues. This product has features specially designed to simplify SEO for digital marketers, startups, ecommerce stores, content writers and more.

Experience Analysis allows users to get an overview of the user experience with their website which is important for Google rankings. Keyword Ideas help users generate longtail keywords and use wildcard searches to find specific combinations not found in other tools. Full SERP keyword analysis lets them spot low-competition keywords by analyzing the top 10 sites’ authority.

With BeyondMe users can easily diagnose traffic loss before performing a technical SEO audit. It provides insights into the effectiveness of your website, so you can make necessary changes to improve SEO performance.

BeyondMe Pricing


Basic Plan


Features included
1 Site Analysis
Export Data
1,000 Credits
1 Site Watch

Pro Plan


Features included
5 Site Analysis
2 Site Watch
Export Data
3,000 Credits

Expert Plan


Features included
20 Site Analysis
10 Site Watch
Export Data
15,000 Credits

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