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15 Best Data Analytics Software in 2024

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Simplify data aggregation and visualization for your organization
Software Categories: Data Analytics, Data Automation, Data Visualisation
Tabula is a comprehensive data aggregation and visualization tool that allows you to seamlessly connect to 150+ sources and build interactive reports to share insights with your colleagues. With zero learning curve, you can instantly preview results and perform real-time calculations, making it easy for anyone familiar with Excel to use the platform. The visual approach provides clarity to data movement and updates, and the AI-driven platform offers auto data profiling and distribution analysis. Tabula’s...
scandilytics ai
Gain deep insights into your business with advanced analytics
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Marketing Analytics
Scandilytics AI is an advanced analytics solution that empowers you to gain deep insights into your business performance and customer behavior. It provides comprehensive analysis of sales data, identifies anomalies, and generates easy-to-interpret performance reports. With its business and marketing AI, it offers tailored recommendations and strategies for growth optimization, guiding your financial decisions and automating marketing efforts. Scandilytics AI ensures data purity, providing clean and accurate data to enhance the reliability of your insights...
All-in-one data platform for seamless data management
Software Categories: Data Analytics, Data Automation, Data Integration, Data Visualisation
Peliqan is an all-in-one data platform that revolutionizes how you work with data. It enables you to connect to any data source, combine and transform data effortlessly, and gain valuable insights for your business. With Peliqan, you can centralize your data, use any BI tool, and implement low-code Python scripts to automate and activate your data. The platform’s security, compliance, and reliability ensure that your data is handled with the utmost care, allowing you to...
Get more customers completing your forms
Software Categories: A/B Testing, Data Analytics, Form Builder
Zuko is an online form and checkout analytics and optimization tool that helps you understand and improve your form conversion rates. It provides insights into when, where, and why visitors abandon your forms, identifies problematic form fields, and tracks visitor behavior to reveal points of friction. Zuko’s analytics can help you improve your form experience, increase conversions, and gain valuable learnings for conversion optimization. It’s a game-changing tool that provides actionable insights to supercharge your...
A no-code monitoring and alerting solution for effortless data tracking
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Extraction, Data Monitoring
Rupert is a no-code monitoring and alerting solution that simplifies the process of tracking valuable metrics and events in your data warehouse. It allows you to set up proactive monitoring and send beautiful alerts to Slack without the need for SQL, code, or engineering. With Rupert, you can define metrics, craft trigger criteria, and enjoy seamless Slack integration, providing full flexibility and complete control over your monitoring. The platform also offers AI-assisted anomaly detection and...
Gain insights and take control of your design system
Software Categories: Data Analytics, Design, Development
Stylebit is a platform that allows you to analyze and measure the adoption of your design system, providing insights into how it is being used and helping you boost its adoption. With Stylebit, you can track design systems created in React, React Native, and Web Components, and soon, native platforms like iOS and Android. The platform enables you to track adoption rate, usage rate, prop usage, and files in which variables are defined and used....
Transform your data analysis with AI-powered insights
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Automation, Spreadsheets
Equals is a next-generation spreadsheet that revolutionizes the way you work with data. It allows you to query, analyze, and report on live data from various sources, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions. With Equals, you can auto-expand datasets, update calculations and charts, and schedule queries to keep your data up to date. The software also offers a range of features such as AI Assist, query versioning, and intelligently automated...
Simplify organic traffic analysis with key insights
Software Categories: Data Analytics, Marketing Attribution, PPC Attribution
Weberlo is an advanced platform that offers Organic Attribution, enabling you to simplify your organic traffic analysis. With Weberlo, you can easily pinpoint key touchpoints, gain quick insights, and optimize for cost-effective growth. The platform provides a comprehensive solution for improving your ad performance and reducing costs by ensuring the quality of the data you send for ad optimization. Weberlo’s Organic Attribution feature allows you to track every single interaction from the first visit until...
Explore deep analytics with a trusted platform
Software Categories: Business Analytics, Data Analytics
Tableau is a powerful analytics platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for data analysis and visualization. With integrated AI/ML capabilities, governance and data management, and visual storytelling, Tableau enables you to connect to various data sources and explore data without interrupting your analysis flow. The platform provides a collection of views in a single location, allowing you to compare and monitor diverse data simultaneously. Tableau offers a variety of features such as cross-tab,...
Transform your data management with powerful AI capabilities
Software Categories: AI, Data Analytics, Data Organization
AITable is a data organization software that transforms the way you manage and analyze data. Imagine effortlessly transforming raw data into powerful insights. AITable empowers you to perform advanced data analysis without the need for complex coding or data science skills. Discover patterns, trends, and correlations with ease, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. With AITable’s comprehensive suite of tools, you can extract maximum value from your data, unlocking hidden opportunities and driving growth. AITable...
Unlock insights and drive informed decisions using natural language queries
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Analytics
Veezoo is an advanced self-service analytics solution designed to transform the way professionals approach data analysis. Veezoo empowers businesses in diverse industries to make data-driven decisions effortlessly by simply asking questions in plain English. With Veezoo, you no longer need to rely on complex coding or extensive training to extract valuable insights from your business data. The software revolutionizes the analytics process by providing you with a natural language interface that understands your queries, translating...
Unleash the power of real-time insights
Software Categories: AI Analytics, Data Analytics, Marketing Reporting
Findly is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the process of extracting insights from Google Analytics 4 data. The platform offers a range of features, including an AI interface that processes queries, dives into GA4 data, and provides tailored visualizations, enabling seamless and efficient data analysis. Findly’s AI-driven tool ensures that users can effortlessly ask for specific reports, eliminating the need for manual exploration and simplifying the data analysis process. The platform also allows for...
Transform feedback into product & customer growth
Software Categories: Data Analytics, Generative AI, Sentiment Analysis
Viable is an advanced AI analysis platform that empowers businesses to extract valuable insights from unstructured feedback data. With its proprietary AI models and integration with GPT-4, Viable delivers precise and reliable insights, surpassing human performance. The platform streamlines data aggregation, analysis, and action, enabling users to boost customer satisfaction, drive product innovation, and save significant time. Viable’s Generative Analysis turns unstructured feedback into a competitive advantage, while its seamless integration with leading platforms and...
Your key to unlocking swift, precise, and visually compelling data analysis
Software Categories: Data Analytics
DataSquirrel is a revolutionary data analysis tool designed to simplify and expedite the process of understanding, cleaning, and visualizing data. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features such as automatic data cleaning and fast data analysis, users can easily upload their data files in various formats for an effortless data processing experience. Offering high-level data security and privacy, DataSquirrel also enables collaboration and sharing of insights, making it a valuable tool for teams and individuals...
Chat with your database using AI
Software Categories: AI, Data Analytics, Data Monitoring
InsightBase is a revolutionary AI-driven analytics platform designed to empower businesses to make data-driven decisions with ease and efficiency. Its cutting-edge solution enables users to ask questions in natural language and receive instant answers, eliminating the need for complex SQL queries or extensive data science knowledge. With powerful features such as real-time data monitoring, advanced visualizations, and seamless integration with popular data sources, InsightBase is the ultimate tool for unlocking valuable insights from your data....
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