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Are you a business owner striving to reach a global audience but grappling with the complexities of translating your website content? The answer to your multilingual woes is Weglot!

What is Weglot? Weglot is a robust translation solution designed to make your website accessible to users worldwide, regardless of their language. It offers a simple and quick installation process that automatically translates your website into over 110 languages in just a few clicks. With its automatic content detection, it covers all aspects of your site – from posts and menus to widgets and even dynamic elements. Moreover, it combines high-quality neural machine translation technologies like DeepL, Microsoft Translate, and Google Translate to deliver top-notch results. But it doesn’t stop there! You can also manually fine-tune translations, set specific translation rules, and even invite native reviewers for precision.

Our opinion about Weglot? ๐Ÿค” It’s an impressive tool that bridges language barriers effectively. ๐Ÿ’ช The simplicity of its integration, combined with its comprehensive coverage and high-quality translations, makes it a standout choice for businesses aiming to go global. ๐ŸŒ Its ability to adapt to user needs and provide a seamless translation experience is commendable. ๐Ÿ‘ Weglot is not just a translation tool; it’s a partner in your journey towards international success. ๐Ÿš€

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Categories based on features & services
Weglot empowers your website with seamless multilingual capabilities, broadening your reach to global audiences in minutes.


Experience seamless website translation into over 100 languages, opening doors to global markets
Automate your translation process with intelligent content detection and translation features
Manage all translations effortlessly from a single dashboard, enhancing productivity and efficiency
Maintain brand consistency across languages with the built-in translation glossary feature
Boost your international SEO performance with dedicated URLs, automatic hreflang tags, and metadata translation

Weglot is a cutting-edge translation solution designed to make your websites and online platforms accessible to a global audience. It provides an easy-to-install, reliable alternative to traditional translation methods, enabling you to translate your web content into over 110 languages in just a few clicks. Weglot integrates seamlessly with any website, whether it’s built on WordPress, Shopify, or any other platform, and offers an intuitive interface that makes managing and editing translations a breeze.

With its efficient automatic content detection, Weglot ensures that every bit of your website content – from posts and pages to menus and widgets – gets accurately translated. It utilizes high-quality neural machine translation technologies like DeepL, Microsoft Translate, and Google Translate to deliver top-notch translation results. You can also manually fine-tune translations, set translation rules, and even invite native reviewers for precision.

Weglot is beneficial for a wide range of users, from eCommerce store owners looking to expand their customer base globally, to educational institutions aiming to make their content accessible to international students. For instance, an eCommerce store owner can leverage Weglot to translate product descriptions, checkout processes, and email notifications, thereby providing a seamless shopping experience to customers regardless of their language preference. This can significantly boost customer engagement and conversion rates.

Similarly, universities and schools can use Weglot to translate their websites and online learning resources into multiple languages, ensuring that non-native English speaking students and parents can access important information without language barriers. This enhances the institution’s inclusivity and accessibility, contributing to an enriched learning environment for all.

Moreover, government agencies can utilize Weglot to make their public websites accessible to non-English speakers, helping them access crucial information in their native language. Weglot’s fast integration and automatic content detection capabilities make it an ideal solution for such public platforms where accurate information dissemination is of utmost importance.

Weglot Features

Automatic Content Detection: Streamline Your Translation Process

Weglot takes the hassle out of translating your website by automatically detecting and translating all content. This feature ensures that no page or paragraph goes untranslated, even when new content is added or updated. As your website evolves, Weglot’s automatic content detection ensures a fully translated website, with continuous content and translation syncing.

Task Management: Centralize Your Translation Project

With Weglot, you can manage all your translations through one convenient dashboard, including content from third-party apps and plugins. You can assign translations to team members or translators, or send them directly to professional translators for review. This centralized task management helps streamline the translation process and ensure consistency across your website.

Translation Glossary: Maintain Consistency Across Translations

Weglot features a built-in glossary to keep your translations consistent. This tool allows you to define terms, phrases, brand names, and product names that should be translated in a specific way across your website. You can build your glossary list inside or outside of your Weglot Dashboard, ensuring translation consistency that aligns with your brand.

Machine Translation: Instantly Translate in 110+ Languages

Weglot offers instant translation in over 110 languages using neural machine translation. This feature allows you to quickly translate your website content without the need for manual translation. However, you maintain full control and can manually edit these translations if needed.

Professional Translation: Ensure High-Quality Translations

For those seeking high-quality translations, Weglot allows you to order professional translations directly from your dashboard. These translations are typically completed within 24-48 hours, ensuring your website content is not only accurate but also culturally appropriate.

Full Editing Control: Approve or Edit Translations with Ease

Weglot gives you full control over your translations. Using the Translations List or Visual Editor, you can manually approve or edit your website translations in collaboration with your team. If you have your own translator, you can add them to the project as well.

Multilingual SEO: Boost Your International Visibility

Weglot optimizes your translated websites for multilingual SEO. It creates dedicated URLs for each language and automatically adds hreflang tags to help search engines understand the language of a web page. Metadata translation is also included, allowing for the translation of key SEO text such as metadata and image alt tags. This ensures your website is easily discoverable in different languages, boosting your international visibility.

Weglot Pricing


Free Plan


Features included
2,000 Words
1 Translated language
1 Project (websites)

Starter Plan


Features included
10,000 Words
1 Translated language
1 Project (websites)

Business Plan


Features included
50,000 Words
3 Translated languages
1 Project (websites)

Pro Plan


Features included
200,000 Words
5 Translated languages
3 Projects (websites)

Advanced Plan


Features included
1,000,000 Words
10 Translated languages
10 Projects (websites)

Extended Plan


Features included
5,000,000 Words
10 Translated languages
20 Projects (websites)
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A fully translated website, the simple way
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