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SecureMyEmail Review

SecureMyEmail is a cloud-based email encryption service for businesses and individuals, that takes end-to-end email encryption another step further by introducing the first managed, cloud-based email encryption platform. The aim is to give enterprises and individual users the right level of support needed to seamlessly encrypt all email messages in their existing systems without requiring specific technical knowledge or know-how. With SecureMyEmail, your emails are encrypted. End-to-End Encryption means that only the recipient of an email can decrypt the contents of that email. SecureMyEmail works at the application layer so it is not necessary to install encryption software on your computer or use a particular mail client.

SecureMyEmail Lifetime Deal. Highlights:

👉 This deal is non-stackable
👉 Get lifetime access to SecureMyEmail for $99.99/lifetime

What’s included?

  • Setting up encrypted email for your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Hotmail & more is automated
  • True “zero-knowledge” end-to-end encryption; only you can access your emails & files
  • Digitally “sign” your emails to verify them & prevent spear-phishing and other email impersonation fraud
  • Email with non-users will still be encrypted end-to-end and you can even set self-destruct times for additional security
  • Native software for Mac, Windows, iOS, & Android is included
  • Every individual SecureMyEmail account includes use for up to five (5) personal or work email addresses at no additional cost
SecureMyEmail Lifetime Deal

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