WP Adminify

WP Adminify

Organise your dashboard the way you need it
WP Adminify is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create a custom WordPress admin dashboard for your clients.
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Fully customize the look and feel of your WordPress admin dashboard
Change the default WordPress branding to your branding with logo and colors
Create custom admin pages and restrict access by user role
Insert code snippets with the in-built header & footer scripts module

Are you building WordPress websites for clients and want to provide a more white-labeled experience, or simply want more control over the branding and look of your own site's dashboard? Customizing the WordPress admin area to match your brand or style can be a challenge for even experienced developers, so you need a solution that is both easy to use and powerful enough to get the job done right.

Meet WP Adminify.

With WP Adminify, your admin dashboard can be up and running with your custom branding in just a few clicks.

What's WP Adminify?

WP Adminify is an admin dashboard plugin for WordPress that lets you easily customize the look and feel of your WordPress site, from the dashboard to the login page. WP Adminify is packed with features that give you complete control over how your admin area looks and works.

You can set a custom logo in the dashboard, customize menu items, add or remove dashboard widgets, create custom menus by admin pages, remove or change the dashboard footer copyright text, and much more.

WP Adminify is just perfect for WordPress freelancers and agencies who want to provide a more white-label experience for their clients, or simply want more control over the branding and look of their WordPress site.

And because WP Adminify is built on the powerful Customizer interface, you can preview your changes in real-time before you publish them to your live site.

How Does WP Adminify Work?

Start by downloading the WP Adminify plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site, then head to the WP Adminify Settings page to begin customizing your admin area.

From the General Settings tab, you can upload a custom logo to be displayed in the dashboard and on the login page. You can also specify a custom URL for the logo, and set the height and width of the logo.

If you want to change how the WordPress menu is displayed in the dashboard, WP Adminify has you covered. The Menu Settings tab lets you choose from a variety of different menu styles, including a drop-down menu, a mega-menu, or an accordion menu. You can also choose to display the WordPress menu items as icons, and set the icon size.

You can hide specific menu items from specific user roles, or completely remove them from the dashboard. WP Adminify also lets you create custom menus by admin pages, so you can organize your dashboard exactly how you want it.

Once you're finished customizing the admin dashboard, you can save your changes and from that point on, all users will see the new dashboard with your custom branding.

WP Adminify Features

Key features of WP Adminify include:

White Label WordPress

White labeling is the process of removing the original branding from a product and replacing it with your own. In the world of WordPress, white labeling refers to removing all traces of WordPress from your website or blog. This includes the WordPress logo, branding in the dashboard, and even the default copyright text in the footer. White labeling can be a great way to brand your WordPress site as your own. It can also be helpful if you're building WordPress sites for clients and want to remove any trace of your involvement. WP Adminify is a great plugin for white-labeling WordPress. It allows you to replace the default WordPress branding with your logo, customize dashboard widgets, and even create custom menus by admin pages.

Disable Admin Notices

WP Adminify allows you to hide all admin notices from the dashboard for a better WordPress UI experience. By default, WordPress displays various types of notices on the Dashboard. For example, when a new version of WordPress is available, a notice will be displayed prompting you to update. Similarly, plugin and theme developers also display notices on the Dashboard for new product releases, promotions, etc. While these notices can be helpful, they can also quickly become overwhelming, making it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

Dark Mode

Have you ever found yourself working on your computer late at night, only to find that the bright white light of the screen is causing you to feel more awake than you'd like? Or maybe you're trying to focus on a project during the daytime, but the glare from the sun makes it difficult to see your screen. If either of these scenarios sounds familiar, then you might benefit from using dark mode on your WordPress dashboard. Dark mode can help reduce eye strain and make it easier to focus on your work. Plus, it's simply more pleasant to look at in low-light conditions. With WP Adminify, you can easily schedule dark mode for specific times. You can also change your branding logos for both light and dark mode, and change the dashboard to dark mode with a simple toggle switch. Best of all, WP Adminify is now compatible with over 70 third-party plugins, so you can rest assured that all of your favorite tools will still look beautiful in dark mode.

Login Customizer

With WP Adminify's Login Customizer you can change up the look of your login page branding. With over 16 pre-built templates available, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. You can also show or hide the login page logo, and change its width and height. Login form position can be changed anywhere vertically or horizontally. The Login Customizer also supports different background options and comes with a Google font integration.

Custom Admin Pages

WP Adminify is the perfect plugin for creating custom Admin Pages in WordPress. You can create unlimited Admin Pages and assign them to any Top Level or Sub Level Menu. WP Adminify also allows you to restrict Custom Admin Pages for certain user roles. So if you want to restrict access to certain Admin Pages for certain user roles, you can easily do so.

Admin Columns Editor

The Admin Columns Editor enables you to add or remove columns from any post type. You can customize the column name, width, and type. You can also clone admin columns with ease.


WP Adminify comes with a Folders module that allows users to quickly organize all of their Pages, Posts, and Media files in folders. The variation by color tags makes it easy to identify which folder you need. You can easily drag and drop items inside any folder you prefer. The live search feature allows you to find the folder or sub folder by name quickly. These folders are a great way to keep your WP Adminify site organized and tidy.

Menu Editor

The Menu Editor allows you to change the default Dashboard Menu item name, URL, and icon easily. You can tweak the order, edit submenu items, show/hide different menu items, and change permissions as well.

Menu Duplicator

The Menu Duplicator is a great solution if you want to create multiple menus from a single menu template. With this tool, you can duplicate your menu items and change the custom menu title and URL for each new menu. This is a great way to create multiple variations of your menu without having to start from scratch each time. The Menu Duplicator also supports multisite and WPML, so you can easily create menus for multiple sites and languages.

Activity Logs

Activity Logs are a great way to monitor your WordPress site and keep track of every user's activity. You can filter logs by a specific time, keywords, users, actions, file changes, and more. Plus, you can check logs for every user on your site. This is a great way to keep track of post, page, and custom post type updates/changes, widget, and menu changes, attachment and comment activity, and even plugin and theme activation/deactivation hooks.

Header & Footer Scripts

With WP Adminify's Header & Footer Scripts module, you can target specific pages, posts, or post types, insert tracking code like Google Analytics, and even insert code snippets on specific devices.

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WP Adminify

WP Adminify

Organise your dashboard the way you need it
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