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Cloud storage security is a big concern for many people. The cloud has become an essential part of our lives, but it's also one of the most vulnerable parts. Data stored in the cloud is constantly under attack from hackers and malicious programs.

Even traditional hard drives aren't safe from these attacks.

If you're on the hunt for a cloud storage service that can keep your data safe, then look no further than pCloud.

pCloud is a cloud storage software solution that offers unparalleled security. It offers military-grade encryption and security to keep your files safe from hackers and other threats.

Why do you need a secure & scalable cloud storage solution

Not only can you store all of your files in one place, but every file should be automatically encrypted before it leaves your device. This means that even if someone did get hold of your data on the way to the pCloud server, they would just see a bunch of encrypted text. The thing is, you need a password and a key to decrypt and access the files. The people who store your data don't know what the password and keys are, so they can't do anything with it.

If you're running a business, knowing that your data is safe from prying eyes is essential. Online businesses are vulnerable to attacks, and if your customer data were to get into the wrong hands, it could be disastrous.

Furthermore, you need a system that allows you to scale up as your business grows. If you need to store thousands of files daily, p Cloud can do that without any problems. Knowing that you can attract new customers without having to worry about data storage is a huge relief.

Also, if you have multiple departments or teams in your business, you should be pleased to know that the software offers excellent collaboration features. With pCloud Business you can create a shared folder and give different levels of access to different people. This way, everyone can work on the same project without having to worry about data security.

pCloud is the best cloud storage provider for businesses that need to store large amounts of data securely. With military-grade encryption and security, no one can get their hands on your data. Furthermore, it offers excellent collaboration features and a scalable system that can grow with your business.

What is pCloud?

A leading cloud storage solution that offers security and scalability for individuals, families, and businesses. It was introduced as a rival to Dropbox in 2013 and has since become one of the most popular cloud storage services. With over 14 Million+ users worldwide, it's one of the most trusted cloud storage providers.

It offers a range of features that make it an excellent choice for businesses. It includes military-grade encryption and security to keep your data safe from hackers. It also offers excellent collaboration features, so you can work on projects with different teams without having to worry about data security.

The service is also scalable, so you can store as much data as you need without having to worry about running out of space.

It's available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so you can access your files from anywhere. You can find the app in the Apple Store or Google Play It also has a web interface so you can access your files from any computer.

How does pCloud work?

pCloud works like any other cloud service. You can download the p Cloud client for your computer and log in with your username and password. Once you're logged in, you can upload files to your pCloud account and access them from anywhere. Your document and crypto folder is automatically synced with your account, so whenever you upload files to your computer, they'll be available. The software will automatically upload files that are added to your designated folders.

There's also a mobile app for iOS and Android, so you can access your files on the go. The mobile app has a file explorer so you can easily browse and upload files. You can also share files with another pCloud user through the mobile app.

What are the benefits of using pCloud?

There are many benefits of using pCloud, including:

-Security: pCloud uses military-grade, AES-256 encryption to keep your data safe from hackers.

-Collaboration: It offers excellent collaboration features so you can work on projects with different teams without having to worry about data security.

-Availability: it's available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so you can access your files from anywhere.

-Scalability: pCloud is scalable, so you can store as much data as you need without having to worry about running out of space.

-Collaboration: It offers excellent collaboration features, so you can work on projects with different teams without having to worry about data security.

-File sharing: You can share files with other pCloud users through the web interface or the mobile app.

-Mobile app: There's a mobile app for iOS and Android, so you can access your files on the go. The mobile app has a file explorer so you can easily browse and upload files.

pCloud features

Before you can decide if this cloud storage platform is the right cloud storage provider for you, it's important to understand all of the features that pCloud offers:

File management solution

Having a properly working file management system is key for any storage solution. It allows you to:

  • Search files - You can quickly search for the file you need by name or content or use the search field to find a specific file.
  • Filter files - Each file has a file format that you can use to filter the files by format type.
  • Trash files - You can permanently delete files or move them to the trash. These files will still be present in your trash bin for 15-30 days depending on which pCloud plan you are using.

Unlimited files, Unlimited sizes

Some of the biggest cloud storage solutions on the planet still cap your storage or upload space. pCloud doesn't have that problem. You can store and upload as much data as you want without ever worrying about running out of space.

  • Unlimited download and upload bandwidth - You can download and upload as much data as you want without having to worry about your bandwidth is limited. How fast your files transfer will depend on your internet connection.
  • Unlimited upload size - pCloud doesn't have an upload limit on the size of your files. You can upload files as large as you want. This makes it perfect if you want to store video or audio files.

Easy collaboration with file sharing

If you're worried about working on projects with different teams without having to worry about data security, pCloud has you covered. You get:

  • Shared links - You can easily share files with other pCloud users like your friends and family by creating a dynamic shared link. The recipient doesn't need to have a pCloud account to access the files. All they need is the link.
  • Invite to folder - You can invite other pCloud users like your team to collaborate on your projects. They can easily set their permission level so you can decide who can edit, manage or view your files or private folders.
  • Direct links - One of the capabilities that p Cloud offers is the ability to get direct links to your files. You can use this to create static HTML pages and more because direct links give direct access to the file and work as an index.
  • File requests - You can request files from others by creating a file request link. The recipient doesn't need to have a pCloud account to upload the requested files. All they need is the link that will redirect them to a page, where they can upload the files. This is perfect if you have clients or customers that need to send you large files.

Synchronization and Backup

One of the best features of pCloud is its synchronization capabilities. You can sync your files across all of your devices, so you always have the most up-to-date version. This is especially handy if you are working on a project with multiple people. You can also share a pCloud folder with other users, so everyone has access to the most up-to-date files. Another great thing about the synchronization feature is that it keeps a history of your files, so you can always revert to an older version if needed. Synchronization is one of the many things that make pCloud such a powerful and versatile cloud storage provider. Having a backup solution in place is always a good idea, but by adding the pCloud save, you have the added peace of mind that comes with knowing your files are always backed up and accessible.


One of the most important security features is pCloud's AES-256 and SSL/TLS encryption. This encryption ensures that your files are protected from unauthorized access, even if someone manages to get their hands on your account information. In addition, it includes two-factor authentication to further protect your account. With two-factor authentication enabled, even if someone knows your password, they won't be able to access your account unless they also have access to your phone or another device that can receive the verification code. As a result, pCloud provides a very high level of security for your files.

pCloud Encryption

  • pCloud Crypto - When it comes to protecting your online data, encryption is key. pCloud Crypto is a simple and secure way to encrypt your data, ensuring that only you have access to your files. With pCloud Crypto, all of your files are encrypted locally on your device before they are uploaded to the p Cloud servers. This means that even if someone were to gain access to your account, they would not be able to read your data. In addition, pCloud Crypto offers zero-knowledge encryption, which means that even pCloud employees cannot access your data. pCloud Crypto is the best way to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Encrypted and non-encrypted folders under one roof - This gives users the flexibility to choose which folders they want to encrypt, and which they want to keep unencrypted. The pCloud encryption process is simple and only requires a few clicks. Once a folder is encrypted, only the user who encrypted it will be able to access it. This makes the tool an ideal solution for storing sensitive data, such as financial documents or personal photos.


pCloud storage service provides users with access to their files from anywhere in the world. One of the great features of pCloud is its accessibility.

  • With pCloud for Web, users can access their files from any computer with an internet connection. This means that users can work on their files from work, home, or even on vacation, making it convenient for users who are on the go or don't have access to a desktop computer. In addition, pCloud for Web is compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This makes it easy for users to keep their files close at hand, no matter where they are. It's easy to share files with others, as users can simply send a link to the file. This is a great feature for collaboration, as it allows multiple users to work on a file at the same time. Overall, pCloud for Web is a great way to access your files from anywhere in the world.
  • There are several features that make it an attractive choice for cloud storage, and one of the most popular is the pCloud Drive. pCloud Drive is a desktop application that creates a virtual drive on your computer, which you can use to store, synchronize and access your files. The pCloud Drive is encrypted and secure, so you can be sure that your data is safe. And, because it is integrated with the pCloud Sync application, you can keep your files synchronized across all of your devices. pCloud Drive is available for both Windows and Mac users.

Being able to access your files from anywhere is essential in today's mobile world. We are constantly on the go and need to be able to work from anywhere. With pCloud for Mobile, you can store and access your files from anywhere, any time. You can even share files with others, so they can work on them from their own mobile devices. The system allows users to store and access their files on their Android or iOS device, meaning they can take their files with them wherever they go. And if you switch on the automatic upload feature, your photos and videos will be backed up to the pCloud servers as soon as you make them, so you never have to worry about losing them. Pro Tip: if you favorite your most important files, they will also be available offline.

File Versioning

One of the best features of pCloud is its file versioning system. This allows users to easily track changes to their files and revert to older versions if necessary. When a user modifies a file, the system automatically creates a new version of the file and stores it in the cloud. This makes it easy to track changes and see who made them. Furthermore, pCloud keeps track of every version of a file, so users can go back and view old versions at any time. This is an extremely useful feature for collaborative work, as it allows users to see how a document has changed over time. Versioning also comes in handy when making mistakes, as users can simply revert to a previous version rather than starting from scratch.

pCloud's file versioning feature has three main features: Revisions, Rewind and Extended File History. With Revisions, you can view and restore previous versions of a file. pCloud Rewind allows you to go back in time and restore your account to a previous state. Extended File History gives you access to even older versions of files, making it easy to find the information you need. Together, these features make it an excellent choice for users who need to access older versions of files.

pCloud Integrations

One key feature of pCloud is its integrations with a variety of applications. This allows users to connect their pCloud account with their favorite productivity apps and tools, making it easy to access their files from within those apps. For example, users can connect their pCloud account to their email client, allowing them to quickly attach files when composing messages. There is also integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, making it easy to transfer files between those services. And for users who need to collaborate on projects, the service provides integration with various project management platforms, such as Asana and Trello. And if a direct integration isn't available, you can always connect with 2000+ other tools using Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Integrately or Make.

Digital Asset Management

For many businesses, managing digital assets is a complex and time-consuming task. From images and videos to documents and contracts, there is a lot of important data to keep track of. pCloud's digital asset management system makes it easy to organize and store all your files in one place. With powerful search and filtering tools, you can quickly find the files you need, when you need them. And thanks to our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, it's easy to upload, download, and share assets with colleagues and clients. With pCloud, managing your digital assets and client-side encryption is simple and efficient - so you can focus on what's important: running your business.

  • pCloud for Business - It's more than just a cloud service - it's a complete business solution. With a pCloud Business plan, you get all the features of your personal accounts, plus a few that you can control how your brand is presented to the world, and you can ensure that your brand is consistent across all of your online platforms. In addition, pCloud makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues and clients, with features like the ability to have different access levels, a commenting system, and activity monitoring.
  • Custom Branding - As any business owner knows, branding is essential for success. It helps to create a unique identity for your company and allows you to stand out from the competition. However, creating and managing a brand can be a challenge, especially when it comes to digital assets. That's where pCloud comes in. With pCloud's digital asset management feature, you can easily share your digital assets with custom branding and logo. This means that your branding will be front and center every time you share a download link to your digital assets, making it easy to promote your business and build brand awareness.
  • pCloud Reseller - The pCloud Reseller program is a great way to earn money and provide your customers with a reliable cloud storage solution. As a reseller, you'll be able to set your prices and terms of service, and you'll also receive a commission on every sale you make. Plus, its security and privacy features are top-notch, so you can be sure that your customers' data will be safe. If you're looking for a way to generate revenue and provide your customers with a valuable service, the pCloud Reseller program is a great option.

pCloud review conclusion

Before we dive into a conclusion of our pCloud review, let's break it down into some Pros and Cons to recap what we've discussed so far.

pCloud Pros:

  • Lifetime plans available that are very reasonably priced
  • Integrations with a variety of productivity apps
  • Digital asset management system makes it easy to organize files
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Excellent security and privacy features
  • Powerful search and filtering tools
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Custom branding and logo feature
  • Automatic upload
  • Available on any device

pCloud Cons:

  • No live chat support
  • Limited storage space for free accounts

In this pCloud review, we showed you how this cloud storage solution can help you manage your files with ease. With features like Revisions, Rewind, Extended File History, and digital asset management, it's easy to keep track of your files and ensure that you always have the most up-to-date versions. And with its integrations with a variety of productivity apps and its custom branding feature, it's a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

If you're looking for a cloud storage solution that is easy to use and comes with a variety of features to help you manage your files, then pCloud is the right choice for you.

Where to find pCloud reviews?

When looking for pCloud reviews, the best places to start are G2, Capterra, and GetApp. These sites are all reputable review sites that can give you an accurate picture of what others think. Of the three, G2 is probably the most comprehensive, with many pCloud reviews currently active. However, Capterra and GetApp both have a good selection of reviews as well, so it's worth checking out all three sites before making a decision. In general, the reviews on all three sites are positive, with users praising p Cloud for its ease of use, strong security features, and competitive pricing.

Who's the founder of pCloud?

The company was founded in 2013 by Tunio Zafer and his team of experts in the field of cloud storage. The company is headquartered in Switzerland and offers a variety of features for its users, including file sharing, collaboration, and security. The company also provides enterprise-level services for businesses.

What are some alternatives to pCloud?

Some alternatives to pCloud include IceDrive, Internxt, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Each of these services offers a different set of features, so it's important to choose the one that best meets your needs.

What's the difference between pCloud and Dropbox?

The main difference between pCloud and Dropbox is that pCloud offers a lifetime subscription option, while Dropbox does not. There's also more storage space for free accounts than Dropbox. Lastly, pCloud integrates with a variety of productivity apps, while Dropbox only integrates with a few.

How is it better than iCloud or Google Drive?

While all three services offer a similar set of features, pCloud has some distinct advantages over iCloud Drive and Google Drive. First, it offers more storage space for the same price. Second, it gives you the option to encrypt your files before uploading them, providing an extra layer of security. Finally, it makes it easy to share files with others, even if they don't have a pCloud account.

Do people like pCloud?

Overall, people seem to like pCloud and find it to be a helpful cloud storage solution. In general, reviewers appreciate the lifetime subscription option, the easy-to-use interface, and the best security feature. Some reviewers also find the custom branding feature to be helpful for businesses.

Is it GDPR compliant?

Yes, it's GDPR compliant. The company takes data security and privacy seriously and has put in place some measures to ensure that its users' data is protected.

What's the refund policy?

pCloud offers a 10-day money-back guarantee for all new users. If you're not satisfied with the service, you can cancel your account within 14 days and receive a full refund.

Where can I find support?

If you need help, you can find support in a variety of ways. The best place to start is the pCloud website, where you'll find a searchable Knowledge Base that covers a wide range of topics. You can also contact pCloud support directly by using their online contact form or by sending an email to support(@)pcloud.com. Support is available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Turkish.

Is there a pCloud affiliate program?

Yes, there is an affiliate program to promote the service to your audience. You can sign up for the program on the pCloud website. Once you're approved, you'll be given a unique affiliate link that you can share with others. When someone uses your link to sign up for one of the plans, you'll earn a commission.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you need to cancel your pCloud subscription, you can do so directly from your account settings. Just click on the "Account" tab and then select "Delete Your Account" to cancel your subscription.

How much does pCloud cost?

pCloud offers individual, family, and business plans each with a different price point. The individual plan has a Premium and Premium Plus plan. pCloud Premium plan starts at $4.99 per month (or $49.99 per year) and includes 500 GB of pCloud storage space. The pCloud Premium Plus plan starts at $9.99 per month (or $99.99 per year) and includes 2 TB of storage space. The lifetime plans for both of these options are also available for $175 and $350, respectively. The family plan is a lifetime plan and costs $500 for up to 5 family members. The business plan starts at $9.99 per user per month with 3 users minimum and 500 GB of storage space.

What's the pCloud lifetime deal?

The pCloud lifetime deal is a great way to get pCloud at a discount. With the lifetime deal, you pay a one-time fee and get lifetime access. The cost of the lifetime deal depends on the plan you choose. For example, the Premium plan costs $175 and includes 500 GB of storage space.

Is there a free plan?

Yes, there is a free plan with 10 GB of free storage space. The free forever plan is perfect for those who want to try it out and see if it's a good fit for their needs.

What devices are compatible with pCloud?

It's compatible with a wide range of devices, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets. You can also access your storage through the web interface.

What file types are supported?

pCloud supports a wide range of file types, including documents, images, videos, and music.

How much storage space do I need?

The amount of storage space you need will depend on the types of files you're storing and how many files you have. If you're just storing a few documents and images, you can get by with a smaller amount of storage space. However, if you're storing videos or a large number of files, you'll need more storage space.

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Lifetime access to pCloud Premium plan
All future Premium plan updates
10-day money back guarantee
Plan Features
500 GB storage
500 GB shared link traffic
Fair share
Shared link branding
30 days trash history
Share links and file requests
Invite users to shared folders
Get detailed stats for your links
Brand your shared links
TLS/SSL channel protection
256-bit AES encryption for all files
5 copies of files on different servers
Option for an extra layer of encryption
Automatic upload of your camera roll
HDD extension through pCloud Drive
Selective offline access
Automatic sync across multiple devices
Built-in video player
Video streaming
Built-in audio player with playlists
Unlimited file size and speed
File versioning
Data recovery
Remote Upload
Online document preview
Rewind account
Backups from: Dropbox, Facebook, OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Photos
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