IRIS Clarity

IRIS Clarity

The world’s most advanced audio technology
IRIS Clarity is a desktop app that allows you to communicate clearly with others, regardless of the noise level or location.
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Communicate clearer in noisy environments that IRIS Clarity removes noise in real time.
Hear everyone on the call, no matter where they are located with the multi-directional design.
Quick and easy setup - IRIS Clarity is compatible with all major video conferencing platforms.
100% secure and private to keep your data safe with built-in encryption.

Background noise can be disruptive to online meetings or callings. The noise created by a dishwasher, for example, can wreak havoc on the audio quality and make it difficult for people to hear each other.

It’s important that you know how background noise might affect your business communication. This way, you will be able to take preventative measures, noise cancellation software for example, to ensure that your meeting or call goes as smoothly as possible.

Noise cancellation software is a type of software that helps to reduce the amount of background noise in a given audio signal. This is done by eliminating or reducing the noise that is present in the environment. By doing so, it is easier for people to hear each other and to carry on a conversation without any disruptions.

If you're a business owner that relies on online meetings or calls to communicate with your team, it's important to invest in noise cancellation software that will help to improve the audio quality of your conversations. This will ensure that everyone is able to hear each other clearly and without any distractions.

Meet IRIS Clarity.

IRIS Clarity is a noise cancellation software that can be used to improve the audio quality of your online meetings or calls. IRIS Clarity is easy to use and can be installed in minutes. With IRIS Clarity, you'll be able to reduce the amount of background noise in your audio signal, making it easier for people to hear each other and to carry on a conversation without any disruptions.

What you get with IRIS Clarity:

Clearer conversations

One of the most frustrating things about phone calls is when the person on the other end is in a noisy environment and you can't hear them. With IRIS Clarity, that's no longer a problem. This feature uses AI to eliminate background noise in real-time, so you can hear the person on the other end clearly. Whether they're in a crowded room or there's construction going on outside, IRIS Clarity will make sure that all you hear is their voice. That way, you can have a clear conversation without having to ask them to go on mute. And since it's powered by AI, IRIS Clarity is always improving, so you can be confident that you'll always be able to hear the person on the other

Better focus

In today's fast-paced world, it's more important than ever to be able to focus on the task at hand. Whether you're trying to have a conversation with a colleague or you're working on a project, being able to filter out distractions is key to being successful. That's where IRIS Clearity comes in. With its background noise removal feature, IRIS Clearity makes it easy to stay focused on what's important. By removing distractions, IRIS Clearity allows you to have more productive conversations and get more done. As a result, you'll be able to achieve better outcomes in all areas of your life.


The benefits of IRIS Clarity are enjoyed by everyone, not just the person speaking. The multi-directional design ensures that all participants have a clear sound, no matter how many people are on the call or where they are located. This is especially beneficial for large conference calls, as it can be difficult to hear everyone when they are scattered around the room. Additionally, the voice isolation feature ensures that background noise does not interfere with the call, making it easier to hear and understand what is being said. Whether you are on a business call or catching up with friends, IRIS Clarity ensures that everyone can be heard clearly.

No complicated setup

Anyone who has ever tried to set up a video conferencing call knows that it can be a frustrating experience. Between figuring out which software to use and fumbling with audio and video settings, it's easy to waste valuable time just trying to get started. That's where IRIS Clarity comes in. With just a few clicks, IRIS Clarity can be up and running on any desktop app or platform. And because there's no complex configuration, you'll be able to start your meeting within minutes. Whether you're using Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, IRIS Clarity will make sure your call is crystal clear.

100% secure and private

When it comes to security, IRIS Clarity is in a class of its own. Because the app runs directly on your device, your data is 100% secure. Nothing is recorded or transferred, giving you total peace of mind. And with our built-in encryption, you can be sure that your data is safe from prying eyes. So whether you're sharing sensitive information with colleagues or simply want to keep your personal data private, IRIS Clarity is the perfect solution.

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Lifetime access to IRIS Clarity Team plan
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Microphone noise removal
Speaker noise removal
Available on Mac and Windows
Works on all popular video conference apps and VoIP platforms
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License tier 1 for $59/lifetime: 2 users, 5 devices per user.
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License tier 3 for $179/lifetime: 8 users, 5 devices per user.
License tier 4 for $279/lifetime: 15 users, 5 devices per user.
License tier 5 for $389/lifetime: 25 users, 5 devices per user.
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IRIS Clarity

IRIS Clarity

The world’s most advanced audio technology
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