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Are you a video content creator or educator struggling to reach a global audience due to language barriers? The key to unlocking your potential audience is finally here: Dubly! πŸŽ‰

What is Dubly? Dubly is a unique, AI-powered platform that enables users to translate and dub videos into any language effortlessly. 🌐πŸŽ₯ It’s as simple as uploading your video, selecting the language of choice, and letting Dubly work its magic. No need for expensive translation services or multi-lingual voice actors. With Dubly, you have a powerful tool that does it all, delivering high-quality, accurate translations and dubs in record time. β±οΈπŸ‘

Our opinion about Dubly: In our view, Dubly is a phenomenal tool that truly addresses the challenges of creating multilingual video content. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ It’s like having a personal linguist and voice artist on standby, ready to transform your videos into globally accessible content at a moment’s notice. πŸŒπŸ—£οΈ Its intuitive interface, quick processing times, and top-notch translations make it a reliable ally for anyone looking to break through language barriers and connect with a wider audience. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦πŸ’‘ If you’re eager to take your content global, we highly recommend exploring the world of possibilities with Dubly! πŸš€

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Dubly is an innovative platform that revolutionizes video content creation by offering seamless multilingual translation and voice-over dubbing.


Break down language barriers with high-quality multilingual translations and voice-over dubbings
Enhance your reach and engagement by making your content accessible to a global audience
Seamlessly integrate into any workflow with convenient API integration capabilities
Benefit from fast processing times and a user-friendly interface, streamlining your content creation process

Meet Dubly.io, a revolutionary web application that is transforming the way we handle video translation and dubbing. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, Dubly.io makes it easy to translate and dub videos into any language with just a few clicks. Simply upload your video, select the desired language, and let Dubly.io do the rest. The result is a professionally dubbed video, ready to reach a global audience.

Dubly.io is not only a tool of convenience but also of efficiency. It supports a wide range of languages and boasts fast processing times, meaning you can have your translated video ready in no time. Additionally, with its API integration feature, Dubly.io seamlessly fits into any workflow, making it an ideal tool for any team or individual needing quick and accurate video translation.

One of the major user types for Dubly.io is educators. In today’s digital world, teaching often extends beyond the classroom, reaching students across the globe via online platforms. With Dubly.io, teachers can easily create multilingual educational content, making their lessons more accessible to students who speak different languages. For instance, a history teacher in the U.S. could use Dubly.io to dub their lecture videos into Spanish, French, or even Mandarin, helping them reach and engage with a broader student base.

Content creators form another significant user group for Dubly.io. Whether they are YouTubers, bloggers, or digital marketers, these creators are constantly seeking ways to expand their audience reach. By using Dubly.io to translate and dub their videos into various languages, they can connect with viewers from different linguistic backgrounds, thereby increasing viewer engagement and channel subscriptions. For example, a travel vlogger could use Dubly.io to translate their English videos into Italian, broadening their viewer base to include Italian-speaking travel enthusiasts.

Lastly, businesses, particularly those operating globally, can greatly benefit from Dubly.io. For such companies, effective communication with customers, partners, and employees in their native language is key. A company could use Dubly.io to translate product demonstration videos, webinars, or training materials into multiple languages, ensuring clear and effective communication across different markets and departments. This could significantly improve customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and overall business performance.

Dubly Features

Expand Your Horizons with Multilingual Translation

In the interconnected world that we live in, language should not be a barrier sharing your content. Dubly’s multilingual translation feature is designed to help you reach a global audience by supporting a wide array of languages. This feature allows you to translate your videos into the native language of your target audience, ensuring your message is not just heard but understood. Whether you’re an educator making your lessons globally accessible or a content creator expanding your viewer base, Dubly’s multilingual translation feature opens up a world of possibilities. The translations are contextually accurate, ensuring your content resonates with your audience, no matter where they are from.

Transform Your Content with Seamless Voice-Over Dubbing

Dubly’s voice-over dubbing feature brings a new dimension to localizing your video content. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, this feature enables you to dub your videos into any language, quickly and accurately. Say goodbye to costly voice-over artists and time-consuming recording sessions. The result is a professionally dubbed video that captures the essence of your original content. With Dubly’s voice-over dubbing feature, you can ensure your videos strike a chord with your audience, no matter what language they speak.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Fast Processing Times

Dubly offers rapid processing times. This feature allows you to have your translated and dubbed videos ready for distribution in no time. It significantly reduces the gap between content creation and dissemination, helping you stay relevant. Despite the quick processing, Dubly does not compromise on quality. Each translation and dubbing is meticulously done, ensuring accuracy and preserving the integrity of your original content. With Dubly, speed meets quality.

Ensure Accuracy with High-Quality Translations

Quality is paramount when it comes to translations. That’s why Dubly is committed to providing high-quality translations that maintain the context and sentiment of your original content. This feature ensures your message is conveyed effectively and accurately across languages. The high-quality translations offered by Dubly enhance the credibility of your content and ensure it resonates with your target audience. Be it a complex instructional video or a simple promotional clip, you can trust Dubly to deliver top-notch translations every time.

Seamlessly Integrate Into Your Workflow with API Integration Feature

Dubly’s API integration feature is designed to fit into your existing workflow seamlessly. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses and teams that rely on specific software tools for their operations. With Dubly’s API integration, you can incorporate video translation and dubbing into your current processes without skipping a beat. This feature streamlines your workflow, improving efficiency and productivity. By integrating Dubly into your workflow, you automate the video translation and dubbing process, freeing up time to focus on other crucial aspects of your work.

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Premium Plan


Features included
100 minutes of video
Live chat support
Unlimited downloads
Access to Developer API

Advanced Plan


Features included
250 minutes of video
Live chat support
Unlimited downloads
Access to Developer API

Enterprise Plan


Features included
500 minutes of video
Live chat support
Unlimited downloads
Access to Developer API
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Translate your videos to any language
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