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ContentFries is a video content repurposing tool that makes it easy to create engaging, high-quality short videos in just a few minutes.
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Multiply long-form videos into multiple short videos for distribution on social media and elsewhere
Create as many pieces of content out of a single video as you want
Add a progress bar to keep viewers engaged and focused until the end of your video
Customize your videos with custom fonts, texts, images, logos, and more

You want to be a social media rockstar by keeping your audience engaged with great content. But creating that content takes time, effort, and money. What you want is software that allows you to repurpose a single piece of content to produce months' worth of material automatically.

Make way for ContentFries.

With ContentFries, you can turn a single video into months of content for your website, social media, and ads. Just sit back and let the software do all the work for you.

What's ContentFries?

ContentFries is a content multiplier and repurposing tool. ContentFries takes your long-form content and multiplies it by automatically generating new smaller versions of it.

By repurposing long-form video content into multiple short videos, you can keep building promotion campaigns to drive awareness and conversions without having to create all-new content from scratch each time.

ContentFries comes with lots of video tools to make your videos highly engaging. You can automatically add captions, resize videos for different platforms, upload custom fonts, add headlines and text, and much more.

Best of all, you can export up to 10 videos at once without slowing down your computer. So if you have a lot of content to repurpose, you can do it all in one go.

Use video templates to stay consistent, or create your own videos using the custom video creator and editor. With ContentFries, there's no limit to what you can create.

How Does ContentFries Work?

There are just 3 steps to working with ContentFries:

1. Upload your video. ContentFries supports a variety of different video formats, so you can upload from anywhere and get started right away.

2. Multiply your content. Just drop your video onto the timeline, and use the video trimmer to create as many pieces of content as you want. ContentFries will automatically generate new versions of your video for you.

3. Export and enjoy. Once you're done, just export your videos and enjoy the fruits of your hard work by using them to promote your business and engage with your audience.

ContentFries Features

To help you accelerate your video content production, here are some of the features that ContentFries offers:

Upload Intro/Outro/CTA

ContentFries is a great tool for adding intros, outros, and video CTAs to your pieces of content. You can upload your intro, outro, and/or CTA into ContentFries in video format and have it automatically injected into your video. You can also fine-tune the time where the video should be injected, if the default settings do not suit your needs. This is a great way to save time and get your content out there quickly and easily.

Video Trimmer

ContentFries includes a powerful video trimmer that makes it easy to cut and trim your videos precisely to your desired length. Whether you want to shorten your videos, remove certain sections, or stitch together multiple clips into one cohesive whole, ContentFries has everything you need. Its drag-and-drop interface is easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to quickly and easily strip out unwanted content while preserving the full quality of the original video. And with its fast processing speeds, creating new high-quality videos has never been easier.

Repurpose Video Content

ContentFries helps you to repurpose your video content very fast, by simply dragging and dropping on the timeline. This way, you can create as many pieces of content out of a single video as you want, and do it much more efficiently than if you had to start from scratch each time. Not only does this save you time, but it also allows you to multiply your content strategically so that you can get the most out of every video.

Automatic Video Resizer

ContentFries offers an automatic video resizer that can create variants of the same video in different aspect ratios. Whether you need a landscape, square, or vertical video, ContentFries can help. Plus, you can choose from predefined contexts to create ideal videos for different platforms, or use your custom settings. With ContentFries, you'll never have to worry about creating separate videos for each platform again, all is done automatically.

Video Templates

ContentFries makes it easy to create video content that is engaging and consistent with your brand. Whether you choose from one of their pre-made templates or create your own, a handy template library ensures that all of your videos follow the same format and style. With just a few clicks, you can quickly generate videos featuring text, images, logos, animations, music, and more.

Automatic Video Captions

ContentFries is the perfect tool for adding subtitles to your video. With simple one-click captioning, you can easily write or import your caption file. You can also auto-generate captions with stunning accuracy. Edit captions in minutes with one-click timing sync. Choose from more than 120 languages and dialects. With ContentFries you can finally reach a larger audience with your videos, all while saving time and effort.

Custom Fonts

Everyone should have the power to add their unique style and flair to their content. That's why ContentFries allows you to upload and use your favorite fonts in video captions, text elements, and headlines. Whether you want to set your content apart with a cool hand-drawn font or give your pieces a classic feel with a serif or sans serif fonts, the possibilities are endless with ContentFries. If you don't have a custom font, you can always choose from the default list of 500 fonts provided.

Add Text To Video

Adding text to your videos is easy with ContentFries. Whether you want to add captions, headlines, or emojis, you can do it all with just a few clicks. You can also customize your text by changing the font, color, spacing, size, backdrop, shadow, opacity, line height, or position. And if you want to save your design as a template, you can do that too.

Bulk Export

Export multiple videos at once without slowing down your computer. With ContentFries, you can select the contexts you wish to export and let the app do the rest. This means you don't have to waste time exporting each video individually. ContentFries is perfect for content creators who have large libraries of videos to export. With just a few clicks, you can bulk export your videos and save valuable time.

Progress Bar Animation

When creating videos, it is important to keep viewers engaged and hooked until the end. One way to do this is through the use of a progress bar, which allows you to show your viewers exactly where they are in the video, as well as when and how long it will be until the end is reached. This helps to keep them focused and invested in what you are sharing. With ContentFries, adding a customizable progress bar to your videos is quick and easy. Choose from a range of colors, modify the height and position of the progress bar according to your preferences, or even set a shadow if desired.

Upload Logo Or Images

ContentFries is the perfect tool for any content creator who wants to add an extra layer of polish and professionalism to their videos. Whether you are creating marketing campaigns, tutorials, webinars, or other types of online content, our intuitive editor makes it easy to add images, logos, headlines, and other assets to your video in just a few simple clicks. Additionally, it supports a range of transitions that can be used to create more eye-catching effects and give your videos a smooth, seamless quality. And with flexible timings and durations options, you can easily control where and when your added elements appear on the screen.

1M+ Royalty-Free Images

ContentFries includes a stock media library that offers users access to over one million royalty-free images. You can add an emotional charge to your content with beautiful images from a vast photo library. You can also set any image from the ContentFries library as a background for your video, which will create a unique and visually stunning piece.

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ContentFries Pricing Overview

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Lifetime access to ContentFries Junior plan
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60-day money back guarantee
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ContentFries Context Editor
Automatic Captions Generator
Add Images / Logos / Watermarks To Video
Add Texts / Catchy Headlines To Video
Add Progress Bar To Video
Automatic Resized Video Variants Generator
One-Click Wonderful Video Templates
Export Videos In Bulk
Stock Images Library
ContentFries Content Multiplier
Multiply Your Content Like A Text Document
Automatically Stitch Intros And Outros To Your Content Pieces
One-Click To Apply Templates
One-Click To Multiply Content
ContentFries Quotes Generator
Generate Dozens Of Quotes In Seconds
Your Custom Photos To Photo Libraries
Add Your Quote Ideas
Huge Library Of 1m+ Quotes And Random Images
Pricing options
Plan A for $97/lifetime: 30 Minutes Of Automatic Transcriptions / Month, 5 Hours Of Video Rendering / Month
Plan B for $197/lifetime: 75 Minutes Of Automatic Transcriptions / Month, 15 Hours Of Video Rendering / Month, All Features And Updates To The Cook Plan
Plan C for $297/lifetime: 120 Minutes Of Automatic Transcriptions / Month, 25 Hours Of Video Rendering / Month, All Features And Updates To The MasterChef Plan
Plan D for $597/lifetime: 720 Minutes Of Automatic Transcriptions / Month, UNLIMITED Hours Of Video Rendering / Month, All Features And Updates To The SuperB Plan
Plan E for $897/lifetime: 1500 Minutes Of Automatic Transcriptions / Month, UNLIMITED Hours Of Video Rendering / Month, All Features And Updates To The Platinum Plan
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