Drag & drop, no code app builder for small businesses
Beezer is an application development software that helps users to create progressive web apps, without any developer skills required.
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Create progressive web apps using a drag and drop interface.
A wide range of templates to choose from or start from scratch.
Update your app in real time, no need to wait for app store approval.
Indexable for search engines so you can boost traffic to your app.

Creating a web app is a great way to engage your current audience and make more sales. By creating a custom app that is specific to your business, you can provide a more personalized experience for your customers. Additionally, having an app that is easily accessible from their smartphones will make it easier for them to buy from you on the go. But without zero coding skills, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Luckily, Beezer is here to help.

With Beezer, creating a web app becomes a breeze – literally. The drag and drop app builder software makes it easy to design and customize an app without any developer skills required.

What is Beezer?

Beezer is an app development software that helps users create their own progressive web apps (PWA), without any developer skills required. By using a drag and drop system, Beezer makes it easy for anyone to create a custom app in minutes.

Beezer offers an intuitive drag and drop interface, a wide range of features, and the ability to preview your app as you build it.

A PWA is a perfect solution because they don't require users to download anything from the app store, so your app is always accessible.

Plus, PWAs are designed to work offline, so even if a user doesn't have an internet connection, they can still use your app.

How Does Beezer Work?

Creating a no code web app with Beezer is easy. Simply sign up for an account and get started building your app in minutes.

There are three steps to creating your app with Beezer:

1. Choose a template: Pick from a wide range of templates that have been designed for different types of businesses.

2. Drag and drop components: Add features and customize your app with Beezer's drag and drop system.

3. Preview and publish: Test out your app and make sure it works the way you want it to. Once you're happy, hit publish and your app will be live!

You can share the url or QR code with your customers so they can start using your app right away.

Beezer Features

Beezer offers a wide range of features to help you create the perfect app for your business.

Some of the features include:

Direct Distribution

With Beezer, there's no need to go through app stores or worry about users having to take extra steps to get your app. You can distribute it directly via SMS, email, social media, ads, or even a QR code. This makes it easy and convenient for users to get your app and start using it right away.

In-App Sharing

With in-app sharing, users of your app will be able to easily and quickly share it with their network. Whether they are posting about it on social media or sending messages about your app to their friends and family via email, in-app sharing allows for seamless and convenient sharing across devices that may not support native apps.

Update In Real-Time

Whether it's a new feature that you want to incorporate into your app or an adjustment to an existing feature, the innovative platform allows you to make changes on the fly and see them reflected in your app right away. With no need for long approval processes or tedious testing procedures, you can get your app updates out to users quickly and easily.

Improved User Experience

PWAs are websites that function like apps, giving users a responsive, app-like experience. They are progressive, meaning that they work for all users, regardless of browser choice. They are also secure, linkable, and have offline functionality. In other words, PWAs are websites that offer a superior user experience.

Indexable For Search Engines

If you're looking to build traffic for your app, progressive web apps offer a major advantage over native apps when it comes to SEO. Search engines are unable to index native apps, which means they can't be discovered through search. In contrast, progressive web apps are indexed by search engines, making them discoverable and allowing you to boost traffic through SEO.

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Lifetime access to Beezer More of Everything plan
All future More of Everything plan updates
60-day money back guarantee
Plan Features
One PWA usable and shareable across channels
Android, Apple, and desktop
Direct distribution: bypass the app stores
Unlimited push notifications
Design features
Monetization features
Data collection features
Custom domain (CNAME)
Beezer.com subdomain
Member login
Paid subscriptions for end-users
Pricing options
License tier 1 for $59/lifetime: 3 number of apps, 0 sub-accounts, 300 initial SMS credits (one time).
License tier 2 for $119/lifetime: 15 number of apps, 15 sub-accounts, 600 initial SMS credits (one time), remove branding from apps/app white-labeling, advanced business tool features.
License tier 3 for $169/lifetime: 50 number of apps, 50 sub-accounts, 1,200 initial SMS credits (one time), remove branding from apps/app white-labeling, advanced business tool features.
License tier 4 for $229/lifetime: 100 number of apps, 100 sub-accounts, 2,000 initial SMS credits (one time), remove branding from apps/app white-labeling, advanced business tool features.
License tier 5 for $490/lifetime: Unlimited number of apps, unlimited sub-accounts, 4,000 initial SMS credits (one time), remove branding from apps/app white-labeling, advanced business tool features.
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Drag & drop, no code app builder for small businesses
no promo code required
Lifetime deal

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