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Build Responsive & Accessible websites 5x Faster with Polypane

Polypane Lifetime

Unlike ordinary desktop browsers that show you just one viewport at a time, PolyPane is your desktop browser that shows your site in multiple viewports at the same time, and keeps them all in sync. You can use it to analyze how your website looks and works across multiple devices, screen sizes, resolutions, aspect ratios and orientations. It comes with dozens of debugging tools to improve every aspect of web design & development.

Polypane Lifetime Deal. Highlights:

👉 This deal is stackable
👉 Get lifetime access to Polypane for $69.00/lifetime

What’s included?

  • Accessibility tests
  • Syncs all the interactions
  • Powerful Developer Tools
  • Device Emulation
  • Detect CSS breakpoints automatically
  • Intelligent Live & Hot reloading for Everyone
  • Custom debug tools for each pane
  • Social Media previews
  • MacOS, Windows & Linux Apps
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Install on any number of devices
  • 1 User
  • Run on 1 Device at a time
  • Future updates on INDIVIDUAL plan
Polypane Lifetime Deal