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What is Password Boss?

Password‌‌ Boss is a premium password manager which stores and auto-fills usernames and passwords for all your accounts. Password Boss uses a multilevel security system to ensure your passwords are for your eyes only. Just like banks, it uses an uncrackable 256-Bit AES Encryption. It also uses a two-factor login system with one master password for all your other passwords. Not even Password Boss has access to your content, only you.

What’s included in the Password Boss Lifetime Deal?

The Password Boss Lifetime Deal on StackSocial gives you a lifetime Premium account for an unlimited number of devices. This means that Password Boss synchronizes all your personal info across all your devices (Windows XP or newer, Mac, IOS and Android devices). And even if your phone or tablet gets stolen, you can prevent data theft by simply deleting data from your device using their 2-step verification. The premium plan includes features like unlimited passwords storage, your own digital wallet, automatic password generation, automatic website login, auto form-filling (for a faster online shopping experience) and unlimited sharing of passwords with trusted family and friends.

Password Boss Logo
Access on Unlimited Devices

$34.99 | 499.99

4.2/56 ratings


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