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As a software deals platform for professionals, EarlyShark attracts new potential customers from all corners of the globe on a daily basis. We have an international audience of startups, entrepreneurs, coaches and agencies that are always on the hunt for great deals on work & business tools.
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FAQ's & Guidelines

What is EarlyShark?
EarlyShark is a coupon-based software deal platform for software founders allowing them to sell their products to a global community of digital entrepreneurs.
What are the selection criteria?

We have set a few selection criteria to ensure that our users get high-quality offers:

  • We only allow business or work-related software.
  • Your product must be of high quality, reliable and provide real value to our users.
  • You need to have a professional website or landing page with well-defined features, deliverables and pricing plans.
  • You need to have a secure payment provider in place that allows our users to redeem your promo code(s).
How does it work?
Step 1: Reach out to us using the partner contact form above, and fill out all deal information needed.
Step 2: Once your deal is approved, our team will start writing an engaging piece of content with a detailed description, features & highlights about your produc.
Step 3: Your deal will be listed within 5 to 7 business days. Our members can then copy the unique coupon codes you've provided and redeem it on your website to unlock a deal plan.
Some deal examples:
Lifetime Deal
$19/Lifetime | $49/Lifetime | $99/Lifetime | $149/Lifetime | $399/Lifetime | $699/Lifetime
$29/Monthly | $99/Yearly | $39 for 1 Month | $49 for 2 Months | $59 for 3 Months | $99 for 6 Months | $199 for 12 Months | $249 for 24 Months
FREE/Lifetime | Free for 1 Month | FREE for 2 Months | FREE for 3 Months | FREE for 6 Months | FREE for 12 Months | FREE for 24 Months
Next, make sure your promo codes start with β€œEARLYSHARK” or β€œES” in order for them to be accepted. Some coupon code examples:
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