Livenar Plus

Stream Live From Anywhere With Livenar Plus

Livenar Plus is the next generation Live Streaming platform. It enables you to broadcast live to Facebook, Youtube and Periscope or any other media source of your choice. Stream using a simple device such as your smartphone or webcam. You can use multiple sources such as a camera, microphone or keyboard including his cell phone for a full screen and up-close view. The secure, scalable live streaming video platform enables anyone to broadcast live events of almost any size on any device. It’s perfect for B2B, education, healthcare, but also for companies who simply want to reach their customers directly. Start producing professional live content in a scalable environment, without needing a streaming provider as an intermediary.

Livenar Plus Lifetime Deal. Highlights:

πŸ‘‰ This deal is non-stackable
πŸ‘‰ Get lifetime access to Livenar Plus for $485.00/lifetime

What’s included?

  • Live Streaming (Interval): 8 Hours Each
  • Sessions: unlimited
  • Streaming on Facebook
  • Streaming on YouTube
  • Streaming on Twitch
  • Streaming on FB Groups
  • Participants: Unlimited
  • Guest: 4 Guests
  • Streaming Quality: 1080 P
  • File size limit via cloud drives: 500 GB
  • File Storage Limit: 500 GB
  • Pre-recorded Streaming: 6 Hours
  • Pre-recorded Stream Recording: 8 Hours
  • Pre-recorded Streaming Quality: 1080 P
  • Team Storage: 500 GB
  • Team Members: 8
  • Pre-recorded Streaming on FB Pages
  • Looping allowed in Pre-recorded Video
  • Multicasting in Pre-recorded Video
  • Bulk Uploads using CSV
  • Bulk emails and SMS reminders
  • Tracking codes for ads retargeting
  • SMS Notification
  • Custom Logo / Overlay
  • Custom Branding in Live Streaming
  • No Livenar Plus Watermark
  • Custom graphic overlays – Logo
  • Call to Action during Live Stream
  • Text and Title On Live Stream
  • Multi-camera support
  • Custom SMTP Plugin
  • Import registrants from previous Live Events
  • Pre-recorded Streaming on FB Groups
  • Whatsapp Notification
  • Custom Branding on emails
  • Custom Branding in Pre-Recorded Streaming
  • No Livenar Plus branding in FB event
  • Custom graphic overlays – Backgrounds
  • No Team Management
  • Live Chat Customer Support in business hours – 30 days
  • Intro Video Feature
  • Outro Video Feature
  • Update meta data of all streams in one place
  • One-on-one training – Skype Call 30 minutes
  • Dedicated Customer Happiness Manager – 30 days
  • Push Notification in browser
  • Auto-Responders Plugins: 14
Livenar Plus Lifetime

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