Barebones Edison Light Stick

The outdoor lantern and emergency flashlight in one
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Meet the Barebones Edison Light Stick, an all-in-one outdoor lantern and emergency flashlight designed to never leave you in the dark. Crafted from pure brass and copper, this vintage-inspired light stick is a multi-purpose and compact light that’s perfect for camping, backpacking, or just around the home. Designed with dual lighting options, the Edison Light Stick offers both a warmer, softer LED rope light ideal for reading or card games and a cooler LED flashlight perfect for food prep or utilizing as a direct light source. What’s more, it also features seven different lighting modes to create the perfect illumination or ambiance. And with added leather accents and vintage white reinforcement stitch, this light has a unique, collector’s item quality that can also be displayed indoors as a conversation piece.

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