Exod Lifetime Deal

Launch entire Facebook Ad Campaigns in seconds with Exod

EXOD is an advanced AI advertising automation platform that generates, creates, and writes the ads for you. Then it goes into ‘mass-testing’ and decides what to show to the best audience to generate ROI. EXOD is perfect for every level of experience. When you create your EXOD account you have multiple choices, you can either use the simplified and strategic Facebook Ads Manager platform with various pre-created strategies, or you can let our Artificial Intelligence do the work for you.

EXOD Lifetime Deal. Highlights:

👉 There are multiple lifetime plans available
👉 Get lifetime access to EXOD for $49.00/lifetime

What’s included?

  • Lifetime access to EXOD.ai Epic plan
  • AI-based Facebook Ads Automation Platform
  • Fully automated AI-generated ad campaigns
  • Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Audience Network
  • Connect Unlimited Facebook Business Pages
  • 1 ad account
  • …and more!
Exod Lifetime Deal