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Analyze any email subscription you want with CatchLetter

CatchLetter will capture, store and analyze any email subscription you want. Allowing you to not only keep your email Inbox clutter free, but also to spy on your competitors marketing tactics and email sequences. The CatchLetter Lifetime Deal is an exclusive find by Earlyshark.
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Email Tracking Software



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Lifetime Access to CatchLetter Starter Plan


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What’s included in the CatchLetter Lifetime Deal?

  • 25 websites monitored 24/7
  • 1 x Monthly summary email roundup Get a roundup of all emails we’ve received in the last month
  • 1 x Weekly summary email roundup Get a roundup of all emails we’ve received in the last month
  • Lifetime email retention
  • All emails captured and available to your entire team (Coming Soon)
  • Competitor email analytics
  • Future Updates
Customer Rating
3.6/55 ratings


  • Marcelo says:

    Completely waste of money. I bought Catchletter and it worked for a week. After that the system was very slow. I sent a message to the support through their website and the guy replied after a couple of days saying that they were updating their servers. After that I never received another email again. I sent a message to the support more than 3 days ago and I have no reply. It seems that the company is broken and nobody is working or does not care about their customers. So disappointed and I do not even know how to get my money back. Stay away from CathLetter.

    Another point, EarlyShark should select they partners more carefully so that it does not affect their brand too.

    I am a very disappointed customer.

    • Earlyshark says:

      Hi Marcelo, we appreciate your honesty.

      It’s a great point you’re making about our branding..

      The real value of Earlyshark is keeping our audience informed about the latest deals. We’ve only recently updated our deal page-layout to inform you better about a deal and the company behind it. You now see all the relevant product/business links (website, official pricing, their social links and so on) we can find, so you can dive into their online presence as well. We’ve also included a feature comparison table which often reveals hidden stuff included or not included in the deal.

      But even with all the information provided on our website, we can’t guarantee anything because we simply can’t control how SaaS owners run their businesses in the end, so I hope you and CatchLetter can sort things out very soon!

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