"Bring unprecedented efficiency to meetings with Adam.ai"

Adam.ai is an intelligent meeting management platform for the modern workplace. Meetings can be an important tool to share, brainstorm ideas and make agreements stronger, but are mostly boring or time-wasting. Adam.ai allows you to improve the quality of work-life of every individual involved and makes every minute spent in a meeting count.

Adamai Lifetime Deal. Highlights:

👉 The Adamai lifetime deal is stackable (stack up to 2 codes)
👉 The deal is only for new Adam.ai users who do not have existing accounts
👉 Lifetime plans only vary based on the number of users (20 to 40 users) and the number of GB storage (100 to max 200GB of storage)
👉 All plans include unlimited projects, meetings, integrations and guests

Adamai Lifetime Deal

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